5 Stunning New Car Technologies Rolling Out This Year

Monday, April 24, 2017

5 Stunning New Car Technologies Rolling Out This Year


Backup cams and collision-detection were premium features when they were brand new, but most manufacturers offer these features now. Among tire sustainability technologies and other recent innovations, the new and exciting car features coming in 2017 combine autos and tech in ways you might never have imagined possible! Read on to see what we mean.

1. Wearable Entry Devices

From smartwatches to Fitbits, people are wearing more technology than ever. In 2017, Jaguar wants drivers to take the fashion statement a bit further. The F-Pace Activity Key is a bracelet that looks similar to your favorite activity tracker but actually serves as the "key" to your vehicle. The bracelet doesn't actually track your activity—yet.

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2. Better Back Support

If you're one of the many people who experiences pain and discomfort while driving, even on the shortest trips, you'll enjoy this feature. Infiniti is now adding improved lumbar support via seats that match the curvature of your spine for increased comfort. Wider seat cushions also make those long-distance trips as comfortable as possible. Lincoln is also offering advanced seat position options for drivers.

3. Home Theater in the Car

Forget the battered DVD player you take on road trips to keep the kids busy. Manufacturers have switched to digital controls via tablets, but car makers are adding tablets for entertainment purposes, too. Chrysler's Pacifica minivan even comes with dual screens that fold up behind the driver's and passenger's seats so whoever is sitting in the back can enjoy their favorite videos.

These entertainment centers are powered by Chrysler's Uconnect Theater, which features native apps and games, but you can also cast content from your devices to the 10-inch screens.

4. Large Animal Detection

Volvo is offering a feature to drivers that drives can use to avoid deer, moose and other large animals that can cause severe damage to your vehicle or family. The car uses radar and cameras to detect large animals in the vicinity, and it brakes up to a full stop.

Large Animal Detection

5. In-Bed Speakers

If you're a fan of tailgating, then you'll enjoy this new car feature. In-bed speakers mean you can enjoy music or commentary of the game while grilling up some dogs and enjoying a cold one. The Honda Ridgeline is one of the vehicles that will have this feature. 2017 will be a year for even safer cars, improved comfort, and truly luxury entertainment options.

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