Why Companies Need to Get Themselves into a Logging Habit

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why Companies Need to Get Themselves into a Logging Habit


Logging when it comes to business is essential, in more than one sense. Making sure that vital bits of information are documented in some sort of fashion means that, one, the business cannot be held liable for some type of proposed misdemeanour, and two, vital information can be looked back upon and accessed with ease when needed.

Everything must be logged either on paper or in some other sort of way.

It is essential in the fact that all health related instances, such as injuries, should be logged in an appropriate log-book. If you are a company owner, then you need to make that your employees know where to log a health and safety concern. As well as this, they need to know when to log one: and when they should log one is straight after the incident. Even if the employee suffers a mere paper cut, they should seek to log it because, if that paper cut leads to further health issues in the future due to an infection, then there is evidence that it happened in the workplace. Your employees must be aware of this, even if it means that your company is found liable because of the incident, because that is the law. It is also important that all financial transactions are logged. This is because it will make it easier to find out the cause of any money-related problems, i.e. money going missing. If a member of staff is entrusted to cash up a till, for instance, they should be asked to log in the amount of which has been taken in the till. Not doing so could lead anybody in the future who notices a problem to believe that the employee in question is the culprit, so it is for everybody’s sake that all financial must be logged in some form.

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And just as much as companies need big data technology, they need logging technology too as log management when it comes to IT security is critical. This is because information on important events may need to be sought in order to provide clues on hostile activity in the past, such as malware threats, specifically spyware, that previously went by unnoticed but are now beginning to make an impact. Logging when it comes to technology should also extend itself to Java logging. This is because, especially if you are working on the production of an application, you may need to find information as why something isn’t working correctly. Having the Java data logged is way for you to base any tries, or retries, when it comes to a certain aspect of the creation and development of the app, or anything else you are using technology to develop.


So, when it comes to business, logging is essential. It is important not to become lazy and forget to log, even though it is easy to do so, because you may one day finding yourself needing information from the past that is no longer accessible to you. Also, logging is a way to validate any claims you make as, especially if the logs have been signed off by an authoritative figure, you will have proof that something has, or hasn’t, happened.

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