Technology Behind Spyware of the 21st Century

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Technology Behind Spyware of the 21st Century


Technology is ever-changing, and new ideas are shaping the way we live our lives today, especially when it comes to newer gadgets. What was once expensive and out of reach for the average person is now more affordable today. Advancements continue to change though, and even our most sophisticated spyware has improved. 

While there isn’t a set definition for spyware, it’s usually any software that monitors or tracks someone else without their consent. Some of the newest spyware is available on everything from computers to cell phones, and now there are even stealthier devices.

Is That a Bug?

It’s not a joke, but some of the latest technology coming out of Russia includes using cockroaches as little spies. These can spy on anyone and anything because of their size, and bugs are so common most people don’t think to go out of their way to squish them. Installing a microchip that small wasn’t as involved as researchers expected, and they’re able to fully control where it flies and where it can hide in the corner. They’re also easy to replace because they breed so much.

The World’s Tiniest Microphone

Now there are laser microphones available that can listen to any conversation through glass. Windows vibrate very slightly when sounds are made, and by firing this small laser up at the window at an angle, they’re able to set up a device that will record the reflection. There’s not even any visible light, so nobody will know they’re being listened to.

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It’s a Bird; It’s a Plane; It’s a Kite?

Even kites can be equipped with digital cameras and the photos can be taken with a wireless remote, allowing you to take pictures of anything you can get that kite near. With 82 feet of string available for it to fly, it might be time to think twice when you see kites in the sky.

Go, Go, Gadget!

Even the tiniest cameras can be installed in homes. Disguised as a common screw with a small wireless camera inside. This new technology can transmit live video feeds to TVs in another location. It only requires a 9-volt battery to operate. Just like you can tell which sensors are the most effective in a security system, these are sensitive to install and even operate. It will be some time before they are sold commercially.

“Maple” Cameras

Maple seeds are abundant during fall and go unnoticed because they’re supposed to be around. One Lockheed Martin is making a micro-camera that will look just like a maple seed. The only difference is it will be possible to steer and stay in the air using two jet boosters. While there are no plans for it to be sold commercially, it can be one of the technologies that come out for the public at one point. Right now, there are only plans for them to be used for military reconnaissance and in areas suffering from disasters.

Camera shaped like maple seed

Because these devices are small and easy to use, it’s not surprising that they are at the top of the latest trend lists for spy technology. Bottom Line? Watch out for bugs!

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