How AI Could Speed Up the Race to Self-Driving Cars

Monday, March 27, 2017

How AI Could Speed Up the Race to Self-Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars

The technology of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us. We are living in a world where machines can now be made to think for themselves. At first, this technology could only be found in big technology companies like Google. However, it is recently coming into our streets in the form of autonomous vehicles. What we knew about cars is slowly changing into a revolutionized trend of AI.

Autonomous cars were good by themselves, but somewhere along the way, someone thought there is still something missing. To completely revolutionize autonomous driving, AI technology has been brought in the industry. As a result, self-driving cars no longer need to be remotely controlled. They can now make many decisions depending on the situation that they are in.

AI aims to give machines a human-like thinking capacity. It gives it the ability to evaluate several events and situations to make a decision on how to proceed. The introduction of AI in self-driving cars is set to make the cars more efficient and safer. Companies like Tesla are already using this technology on their cars.

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In the past, autonomous cars relied on autopilot mode. With artificial intelligence, however, cars will use radar. Using radar, the cars have become safer because they can avoid accidents more accurately than they could in the past. The technology is almost giving the self-driving cars the ability to drive defensively. Considering that the cars will be operating alongside human drivers, the incorporation of AI is making defensive driving up to a machine, which may actually be safer, making driver safety courses obsolete.

The trick with artificial intelligence is gathering as much information as possible. To command the car to behave a certain way in particular situations, you have to teach it first. The first step is to have a driver in the car. The system collects all the data on how the human driver is acting at certain points. The data about braking and turning or slowing down is recorded to a server. With the data, the car can be programmed using the information to know what to do in the same situations.

The process of teaching the car how to act is the hardest part. The car is expected to interpret the data and act on it within seconds. The car should also know where it is at all times because the data only applies to specific points. Subsequently, they are equipped with a clear HD map to solve this problem. The best part is that the cars become smarter the more the system is used.

Self-Driving Cars

Some added features that may be included in AI self-driving cars is the ability to detect a passenger’s health status. Through the use of interior cameras, the car will be able to analyze a passenger’s stress level or blood pressure. The car then changes its current environment accordingly a response that may include changing the music to help you relieve your stress. The cars may also come with the ability to call you an ambulance to your location if you seriously need medical assistance.

Artificial intelligence in self-driving car aims at improving your traveling experience. Your vehicle might even have the ability to interact with you at a relatively personal level. All the features included are aimed at helping you travel safely and to enjoy the trip.

AI is also aimed at improving where the previous system failed. With the introduction of this system, autonomous cars become safer and more convenient to use. People trust the system more when they know it is there for their best interests. That is what artificial intelligence aims to bring in the self-driving cars industry.

Using this system, autonomous cars have a better chance of thriving on our streets. It will help the cars to properly co-exist with human drivers and be treated the same way as a licensed driver.

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