Building Tech: How Technology is Changing Construction

Monday, March 6, 2017

Building Tech: How Technology is Changing Construction


Technology is revolutionizing the way professionals in the construction industry complete and manage projects. Additionally, it is having a noticeable impact on the planning and building processes. Contractors and companies willing to embrace this new technology will have the edge in bidding wars thanks to reduced costs and time to complete projects.

Here are four examples of technologies changing the construction industry.

Prefabrication of Materials and Designs

Prefabrication of materials and designs is an affordable technology and technique, and it requires very little maintenance. The advantage to using a prefabrication like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd is spending less time on the building site. It is a more economical way to build whole buildings like houses and their extensions.

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3D Printing

3D printing is a miracle for the construction industry. It can potentially reduce the time it takes to create complex and simple building forms. It is also being used by prefabrication firms to create and install components like plumbing and mechanical equipment. It can even be used to carry out drywall detailing. The tech is advancing, and it will eventually be able to build entire homes. Although there are flaws, according to the Mirror, the very first home was printed in China in 45 days.

3d printing for construction

Software for Faster Energy Modeling

Energy modeling has always consumed a lot of time, but new software tools in ways to allow full analysis during the conceptual design stage. It replaces models that take weeks to design and run like airflow and daylighting models. With new energy modeling software tools, construction designers can run an analysis in hours on performance data, and they can alter their designs far more quickly if needed.


Drones have become important technological tools in the construction industry. When they are equipped with advanced software and hi-res cameras, they cut down on the time it takes to survey and the hassle. Also, subcontractors are able to make better informed decisions concerning design and architectural elements of a structure using the drone's aerial analysis.

These four examples help to demonstrate how technology is changing construction. They are changing the way construction is done from design all the way to actual completion. There are many other forms of technology contributing to construction revolution too. With all of the breakthroughs, contractors will be able to finish projects faster, and at the same time, the projects will be of better quality. Finally, they save on the cost for the construction firms and the people hiring them. This technology, among others, is a win-win for all parties involved.

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