Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way You Interact With Your Smartphone

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way You Interact With Your Smartphone

Artificial Intelligence

Some people still think of artificial intelligence as a sleek robotic assistant that's far in the future, but AI is no longer something to anticipate down the road. It's already here, and it's available in one form or another on nearly all smartphones. If you've ever gotten directions from Siri or asked Google Now to check the time in Tokyo, you've already started leaning on artificial intelligence for your everyday needs.

AI is poised to dramatically change the way we interact with the world around us. This technology can transform the way you communicate with your cell phone, turning it into a smart personal assistant that you'll look at in a whole new way.

Prioritizing Communications

Email and text messaging may ease communications, but they also subject you to an onslaught of messages, many of which are from unimportant or unwanted sources. Technology can already filter out most of your email spam. As artificial intelligence learns more about your social circle and communication habits, it can streamline your communications even further. Your phone can prioritize the text messages you care about and suggest quick auto responses for those that are less important.

Your smartphone essentially becomes an intelligent social manager that will help you stay on top of your most important relationships and business communications. Say goodbye to the smiling secretary. AI can take over the role nicely.

Anticipating Your Agenda

Artificial intelligence already looks for helpful ways to assist with your schedule. Just tell the popular AI Cortana about an upcoming meeting, and she'll put it on your schedule. Ask for a reminder in a set amount of time, and she'll prompt you at the appointed hour. Cortana is also equipped to map out your route to destinations on your calendar, check the traffic, and remind you when to leave so you'll arrive on time.

With a personal assistant like Cortana for Android, managing your to-do lists becomes almost mindless. To get the most out of this type of AI, it's important to utilize a reliable smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S7 on T-Mobile's network. With expandable memory up to 256GB, you can power Cortana and other AI apps simultaneously. T-Mobile's 4G LTE Network will help you steer clear of dropped connections that could do serious damage to your timely reputation if you're relying on your smartphone for reminders and updates.

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Keeping You Comfortable

Properly enabled, AI effortlessly steps in as a friendly voice looking out for your best interests. It can prompt you to grab a jacket before you head out for the day, or warn you of rain during your date later in the evening. Combine smartphone apps with smart home devices like Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, and you can use your phone to keep your home cozy. Just ask your device to adjust the furnace so your house is warm when you arrive home from work early.

Your smartphone can control a seemingly endless range of paired devices, from multi-hued light bulbs to smart kitchen appliances. As AI advances, it may begin to anticipate that you don't have dinner plans and scan your fridge for meal suggestions, or prompt your oven to run a self-cleaning cycle periodically while you're away at work. The potential is endless.

Streamlining Your Errands

If you dread your weekly errands, your AI-enabled smartphone may soon become your best friend. Amazon Go has developed a grocery store that's free of cashiers and checkouts. Its Just Walk Out technology detects what you've taken and automatically charges your Amazon account. All you need is a compatible smartphone with the Amazon Go app and an active Amazon account. With your phone in hand, you could soon be free of long lines and checkout hassles, simply grabbing what you're after and heading home.

Artificial intelligence is perfectly poised to gently take over your most mundane tasks and lend a helping hand as you tackle more complex jobs. Whether you need assistance ordering groceries or finishing a research project, you'll find AI available to help, making your smartphone one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

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