A Game of Drones - 5 Fun Ways to Utilize Your New Drone

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Game of Drones - 5 Fun Ways to Utilize Your New Drone


Drones are all the rage, and for good reason. These five fun ways to utilize your new drone show off how best to use this exciting, trendy tech.

From filming sports activities to shooting wedding videos, drones are a wellspring of fun activities and shareable videos.


Artistic expression has reached new possibilities with the advent of quality, affordable drones. Aerial shots are often pricey and complicated, but drones change that by placing artistic control in the hands of the filmmaker. Without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, filmmakers now have more options for aerial filmmaking and unique camera control.


With all the technology available, this is the perfect age to capture weddings with drones. Create a trendy, stylish wedding video that stands out from all the rest. From stunning crowd shots to unique and memorable ceremony footage, capturing big events and special moments is both easy with drone technology. If you want to show off with an impressive event, drone footage is a must.

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Infrared Cameras

One of the best ways to take advantage of your drone is to attach an infrared camera and leverage its heat-sensing abilities. With thermal imaging, you'll be able to monitor damage on your solar panels, track animals in the wild and even identify dehydration in your field of crops. Although infrared cameras on drones have plenty of industrial applications, you can also spend a fun weekend exploring wilderness and gaining a scientific understanding of your surroundings without caring about practical use.


Drone technology is making waves in the sports industry. It's easier than ever to capture stunning footage of your snowboarding runs down a mountain as you rapidly navigate the terrain. Whether you participate in tennis tournaments or go whitewater rafting on the weekend, aerial drone footage is a stunning way to remember and share your experience. Go extreme with aerial drone footage.


Travel vloggers and vacationers alike will love to leverage the power of drone technology for exciting, beautiful footage. Whether you have a travel-related business or simply want to show off your adventures during a gap year, drones will give you a fun and impressive record of foreign destinations. If you find yourself on a tropical island with palm trees and open water on your next vacation, you'll be glad you brought your drone. For the tech-savvy traveler, drones are the key to adventures abroad.

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