5 Ways Technology Can Help You Stay Healthy in 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Stay Healthy in 2017


With the increased interest in nutrition and personal health care in the past several years, many researchers have found renewed interest and focus in searching for technology that will help in your quest for personally healthy habits. These new technologies can significantly change how you treat their bodies at home and particularly how doctors diagnose and treat acute and chronic disease in clinics or hospitals.

Many of these changes can spell longer life for you and your loved ones or at the very least a higher quality of life. Consider these five up-and-coming technologies that you may already have seen in your local health care setting or that you may be seeing within the next decade.

Diabetes Vaccines

While you may think of vaccines as only being used to prevent childhood illnesses that once were common or to prevent pneumonia or influenza as you grow older, researchers are currently discovering new ways to use vaccines on the immune system. A vaccine that is currently in the works targets the autoimmune system and its interaction with the islet cells of the pancreas, which are integral in insulin production and glucose usage throughout the body. Researchers hope to use this therapy to decrease the incidence of type 1 diabetes in those who are genetically predisposed to the disease.

Remote Health Care

You may have already experienced remote health care for yourself. Many health systems are now implementing online charts and email communications with doctors to help you avoid having to make an in-person appointment to see your doctor for a simple matter. However, video appointments and phone appointments are also starting to be used in many locations. Further technology will continue to help doctors and nurses monitor their patients from a different room or even from miles away. Remote units will be able to take vital signs, lab work EKGs and more.

Redox Signaling Technology

Redox Signaling Technology, or RST, makes use of special molecules that communicate with each other in the body. Although these molecules are found naturally in the body, you may also begin seeing products that contain these molecules sold online and in stores. They are used to change the body at the cellular level by decreasing the effects of free radicals throughout the body much like antioxidants do. For example, a variety of ASEA products, including body lotions and face creams, use RST.

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3D and 4D Printing

By now, you have probably seen how 3D printing can be used for everything from designing footwear to making uniquely shaped pizzas. In the world of health care, researchers are working with 3D printers to create new body parts and tissues. Several years ago, an artificial ear was printed. Scientists have also worked with printing blood vessels. However, improved technology in 4D printing is letting researchers work with materials that can not only be used in the body but also will change as the surrounding environment changes. This will be good for creating implants that can work seamless inside the body.


Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition and diet can work with the genes in your body. Researchers are studying the intricacies of the molecules in food and determining how different foods and chemicals in the foods can affect your health and your incidence of developing a certain disease based on your genetic factors. Nutrigenomics is also leading the way in creating new biomarkers that doctors will be able to use to determine your level of health.

Be prepared for even more changes to come to your everyday health care routine as well as to your annual checkups. You may see your doctor begin to employ different methods for testing and diagnosing any illnesses you have, and you will certainly continue to see improved research providing changes to medications, surgeries and more. All of this is sure to spell improved overall health for yourself and your family.

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