4 Reasons the Cloud is More Secure Than Ever

Sunday, March 12, 2017

4 Reasons the Cloud is More Secure Than Ever

Cloud Computing

The rumor that cloud computing is less secure—or even insecure—is a somewhat pervasive one. And yet cloud computing is not only secure, but is even more secure than the olden-days standard IT systems.

Here are four reasons why cloud computing is more secure than ever - and why it might be a good option for you or your company.

The Risk of Attack is Lower

Whether you're using at more traditional system or a cloud, the basic tasks of securing your data are still the same - controlling access to data, promptly dealing with any breaches in security, and conducting vulnerability testing to minimize risk. However, cloud data stores are attacked less often than on-premises IT systems - and those attacks are successful less frequently.

AVG, experts in virus and Trojan horse identification and elimination, has launched its own cloud computing service, and pioneered data disaster recovery and sign-on security within the cloud computing industry.

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Cloud Data Stores Are Managed By Experts

Data clouds are managed by teams of cybersecurity experts—very often those who have earned master's in computer science online or a master’s in cybersecurity. While most companies will have highly qualified IT teams, those IT team members will have many other tasks to dedicate their skills to - not exclusively to the security of the data servers. The IT workers who manage cloud data dedicate all of their time to monitoring data servers, promptly addressing any threats or breaches, and routinely and thoroughly auditing the cloud servers. CipherCloud has been a pioneer in the area of monitoring and tokenization of cloud data, and also specializes in data loss prevention—essential to any company.

Controlled Access

By moving your data into the cloud, it minimizes the number of people who can physically interact with the servers on which your data is stored. Only those who manage your cloud are able to physically interact with the data servers—and thus the risk to your data is further minimized.

Greater Automation Reduces Risk

Cloud systems are built from the ground up, and are designed to perform a very limited number of tasks. In-house traditional systems must often perform many more, which makes the servers more difficult to control. Limiting the number of tasks assists with security due to greater standardization of computing, and essentially stacking this automation when a new system is introduced.

For all these reasons and more, cloud computing is more secure than ever - and in the digital age, the security of any company's data is more critically important than ever. Cloud computing, even as it continues to develop, may well represent both the present and the future of cybersecurity.

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