Science And Technology: 4 Developments You May Not Know About

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Science And Technology: 4 Developments You May Not Know About


By looking back at technology in the past we can really see how much we have advanced in even just the last couple of years. The technology that is out now is absolutely incredible and sets no limits for the future.

Over the years there have been a ton of developments that have changed society for good. Here are just a few developments in technology that you may not know about.

The James Webb Space Telescope

For years, people have looked in awe at images captured by NASA's Hubble Telescope. While looking at these gorgeous images, it is hard to imagine that Hubble is 24 years old, and cannot capture a vast portion of galaxies and planets that are almost certainly out there. In order to find Earth-like planets, NASA is currently working on a telescope whose sole purpose is to seek out planets that could support life. In 2018, NASA plans to launch this telescope 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. The James Webb Telescope will orbit with the sun, rather than with Earth like the Hubble. It will have the ability to peer deep into space, as it can absorb 70 times more light than its predecessor and will be in the perfect place in our solar system for gathering data. Who another 24 years we may be on a different planet!

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Thermal Drones

Places like Infrared Cameras Inc. have incredible inventions such as the HALO Thermal Infrared Aerial UAV system. The applications for this drone are endless, as they can detect gas leaks, peer through walls, and have a very long battery life. This could be used as a safer alternative to conventional methods by military and police in many situations, such a hostage situation, or a bomb threat. Literally anyone can use these to check for gas leaks in their home, as they provide an aerial view of your home; farmers may find this particularity useful. Homeowners could use this product to monitor air flow in their home and detect leaky windows or doors, saving thousands of dollars long term. One would think that such an advancement would only be available to military personnel, but anyone can buy one!

3D Printed Organs

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC, has been the first to print working 3D organs. They have successfully created and transplanted ears, bones and muscles into animals. In 2006, they successfully transplanted the first human bladder from 3D printing in history. While it may still be a while before we see large scale use of this technology, its progression leads me to believe that soon we may no longer need human donors.

Laser Guns

While this technology is still considered experimental, laser guns do, in fact, exist. They are currently mounted to boats owned by the military. As of now, they are being used to target the boats of terrorists and pirates. There are still bugs to be worked out, such as accuracy in fog and dust. Even after this technology is perfected, it will likely remain in the hands of our military. Hence, if you want to shoot a laser gun, like in Star Wars, you would likely need to join the Navy or Marines.

There is definitely no limit as to how far we can go with technology. The possibilities are endless. You never know what the future holds as far as technology goes. I absolutely can’t wait to see what they think of next!

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