Interactive Wall and Floor Projected Games for Kids: The Future Technology Is Here

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Interactive Wall and Floor Projected Games for Kids: The Future Technology Is Here


Interactive gaming has received a lot of attention in the recent times due to its ability to transform any surface into a gaming platform. Only a few years ago, this idea was unattainable — it would have been a dream of many game loving kids.

Today's kids are getting more and more tech savvy and keep looking for innovative games. Parents are also on the lookout for something that can keep their kids engaged. If you want your children to enjoy in a healthy as well as the entertaining environment, interactive wall and floor projected games are perfect for them. They would surely enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Do you have a commercial establishment like a mall or retail store? You can consider having a special kids’ play area with interactive floor projection games. Schools and kindergartens can also harness this technology to give the kids a break from studies. It would also entice kids to be regular at school, and encourage more attendance. Such indoor playground equipment is also ideal for crèches and day care centers.

Nowadays, even kids are getting obese due to the changing food habits and lifestyle that has led to the establishment of kids gymnasiums. It is a good idea to have interactive wall and floor projected games there. Follow the psychology of rewards and positive reinforcement so that the kids don’t go to the gym simply to play the games and leave without working out.

Pediatric and children hospitals can also have interactive games to keep the patients distracted. It is an excellent idea for dental hospitals, especially for kids.

interactive floor projection game

What makes interactive games so unique?

Interactive wall and floor projected games can keep the children busy despite the fleeting attention span.
  • It encourages both physical and mental activity in a healthy manner. 
  • These games have no wear and tear, and so they are more reliable.
  • Children can learn the power of coordination, cognition, and collaboration through such games. 
  • You can have a variety of customizable templates and rest assured that it will be fun as well as educational for the kids. 
  • Single and multiplayer games, both are available. 

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Different Applications of Interactive Games

Family Outings

Whenever you want to plan out a birthday party, picnic or have a pleasant get together with friends, interactive projector games can be a great option. You can have separate areas for kids according to their age groups. The main advantage of these games is that you do not need anyone to supervise the kids. It does not take too much of maintenance and is easy to set up. Adults can enjoy with each other while kids can have a fun time in their circle.

Pediatric Hospitals and Clinics

Interactive games can be a boon in pediatric clinics and hospitals. The otherwise boring and dull aura of hospitals becomes lively with such games. More often than not, people get irritated with the perceived waiting time. Conventional stuff like books, toys, and aquariums cannot sufficiently engage children and their parents. In such a scenario, interactive games can do the needful. It can metamorphose a vacant wall or floor into an enticing playground. The patients become more compliant with the treatment and tolerant to pain as their mind is distracted. It has given a tremendous impetus to game-based therapy, and the entire environment becomes vibrant.

Educational Institutes

Educational Institutes in the present times seek for a delightful study experience for the kids. Having interactive games at preschools, crèches and day care centers can have the kids entertained and perfectly amalgamate games and learning. Quizzes and similar games suitable for schools are available nowadays to enhance the educational environment. You can bring the child’s real potential on the surface that remains concealed at ordinary times. It generates positivity throughout the day.

interactive games at preschools

Crèches and Day Care Centers

The value proposition of a crèche and day care center can be enhanced by introducing interactive games. The common notion of such centers is an uninteresting place full of cranky kids. Transform the boredom into a fun-filled ambiance through interactive wall and floor projected games for kids. You can create situations that would inspire curiosity in children and nurture a sense of awe in them. It would keep you as well as the kids happy so win-win situation for both.

With digitalization spreading its wings in all walks of life, interactive games are sure to create a stir in the world of kids gaming. If you are still pondering over this idea, execute it right away and get ready to serve the kids thronging at your establishment.

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