Four Innovative Ways Wireless Technology Is Being Applied to Modern Life

Saturday, February 4, 2017

4 Innovative Ways Wireless Technology Is Being Applied to Modern Life


As technology continues its massive evolution in the 21st century, its implementation spans far beyond smartphones and ultra-thin laptops. Technology is actually an integral part of our everyday lives in ways we'd never think to consider.

The introduction of high-speed Wi-Fi made school and business much more efficient, but there are more ways wireless technology is being introduced into modern life that will completely change the way we live in coming years. Here are just four ways that wireless tech is reshaping society.

Bluetooth Smart

Hands-free engagement is being taken to the next level with Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth Smart still spans over a 30-foot range, but it also consumes less power and isn't constantly emitting a signal. There are also new levels of high-tech authentication being introduced like the heartbeat-detecting Bionym Nymi and data-syncing capabilities across multiple devices.

Shopping Wirelessly

Amazon announced in 2016 that it plans to open a store free of checkout lines and physical staff. Instead, "Amazon Go" allows customers to shop around the store, take their items and leave without undergoing any checkout process. Customers supply their payment information before entering the store. Cameras and sensors would track their moves throughout the store, which is capable of detecting any item a customer takes off the shelf and adds it to their bill. An 1,800-square-foot store is slated to open in Seattle to test the technology.

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Wireless Charging

The wireless charging industry is still relatively new, but it's one that shows a very large potential for both businesses and consumers alike. Inductive charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects like a charging station and an iPhone. There are many advantages to wireless chargers, like those from TYLT, including more secure connectivity, longer durability, and increased convenience. Because wireless charging isn't streamlined, it's not a feature readily available on most devices; you'll have to purchase a wireless-capable replacement back panel or case for your specific phone in order to take advantage of this tech. Your new hardware will have to meet the right standard for your device, which could either be Qi or PWA. Click here to learn more about wireless charging standards.


Online cloud services are growing in popularity among businesses. Instead of needing printed copies of files at a meeting, businesses can now simply have content shared automatically to a user's smartphone or laptop as soon as they enter the room. Conference systems like the Cisco CTS-MX200-K9 and MX300 will support wireless content-sharing through a basic Wi-Fi connection, but until it's streamlined, there's still Google Drive, which allows someone to share hundreds of documents, photos and other media with a single link.

Why Wireless?Wireless technology is the next step of technological evolution. The goal is to make the world more accessible across all platforms. Because of its no-strings-attached nature, wireless tech will not only be safer, but it will also last longer and cost less to maintain. Through the widespread induction of wireless technology, everyone with a device will be able to have greater access to a faster, safer, smarter world.

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