3 Ways Technology is Influencing the Healthcare Industry

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3 Ways Technology is Influencing the Healthcare Industry


Healthcare advances including software and telecommunications have pushed the care of patients further. Reductions in human error have not only made patient experiences better, but have led to superior treatment, and saved lives.

The technology and healthcare industries go hand-in-hand. Advances in data organization software and telecommunication devices have also created great advances in the healthcare industry. We've seen amazing strides being made to reduce the number of errors that occur due to human error. We've also seen health care become more convenient for patients.
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The Remote Physician

One of the most interesting advances in health care technology is the advent of remote physicians. It's no longer necessary for a patient to even step foot in a doctor's office. While this trend hasn't completely caught on yet, it will soon become the norm in the healthcare industry for non-emergency visits with your physician.

The technology is beautiful in its simplicity. The patient and doctor communicate via a webcam or remote kiosk. Many large chain pharmacies are utilizing the technology to set up virtual physician kiosks in their stores. The patient can schedule a time to meet with their physician at their nearest kiosk location. There is no longer a need to make two separate trips to your doctor and pharmacy. Simply visit your physician at the kiosk and pick up your prescription at the window ten feet away. Many diagnostic workers in the healthcare industry are utilizing this technology as well. Patients are now able to speak to radiology technician via remote communication. Earning a radiologic technology online degree allows you to utilize this technology as you interact with patients!

Genome Profiling

This amazing technology seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Genome testing allows couples to look at the potential disorders that they may pass on to their offspring. While the technology has been around for years, recent advances have made the process of genome mapping much more efficient and inexpensive. Many companies are now offering genetic counseling, in addition to genetic testing services. Challengers of genome mapping believe that scientists are overreaching their duty to patients.

Cloud Based Medical Records

Your music library isn't the only thing being stored in the cloud these days. More and more small medical practices and health care clinics are turning to cloud based medical record storage. The implementation of these systems is much less costly than traditional electronic records systems. There is also the added benefit that your records are much less likely to ever be lost, since they are stored on a remote server. Opponents argue that cloud based storage is a hackers dream; however, these servers are some of the most secure in the world.

We've never seen a more exciting time in health care. Technology is advancing exponentially, and with it comes an amazing potential to help patients in ways we never imagined. Technology will make the future of healthcare both polarizing and exhilarating.

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