The Background Story: What Really Goes Into Creating Your Favorite Video Games?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Background Story: What Really Goes Into Creating Your Favorite Video Games?


Game development is a wonderful way to create something and share it with the world. From roleplaying games to city simulations, any project you dream up is possible. With all the games in the world, you may wonder just what goes into the game development process.

From working with other talented individuals on creating a cohesive game to spending a ton of hours coding and debugging the game, there's a lot your average user doesn't know about. Take a look at this quick list of the top three things that go into developing a game.

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One of the biggest challenges when developing a game on a team is keeping a cohesive look. Kazuya Niinou, the director of a game known as Dragon Quest Builders, describes how he helped manage the large team creating Dragon Quest Builders. Niinou talks about how, they had to really think about what sort of content would be marketable and interesting to gamers. Collaboration is a great way to make the most of talent, no matter the size of the team.

Testing for Bugs

Whether you have a computer science online masters or have been self-taught, the technical aspects of creating and debugging a game can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of game development, no matter how smart you are. It's not easy to create a perfect game for publishing, but players deserve the best. In fact, it can take a whole set of procedures and technical knowledge to make a well-functioning game. Everyone on the development team clearly works together to create the best game possible.

Countless Hours of Work

It's not surprising, considering the sheer amount of work it takes to create something of value, that game development is a long process. Even with a huge team, it's easy to get lost in the hours spent making something perfect. With looming deadlines and pressure to create something awesome, developers are completely dedicated to the game development process. Beginners in game development often bite off more than they can chew through big projects and high expectations. With starry eyes and dreams of creating the next big multiplayer RPG, it's easy to forget that game development and going over the different languages of computer science require countless hours of work.

Game development may not be easy, but it sure is rewarding. Experts in the field show exactly what it takes to create a fun and polished game. From hours of work to creative collaboration, the entire process is certainly worthwhile and interesting.

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