Modern Technology: How Has It Changed The World Since The Year 2000?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Modern Technology: How Has It Changed The World Since The Year 2000?


Since the year 2000, the world has undergone a technological revolution that has touched nearly every aspect of our lives. The changes over the past 17 years have been numerous and profound, but they can be distilled into several key trends.

The world has undergone nothing short of a technological revolution since the turn of the century. These changes have impacted every facet of our lives, but they can be distilled into several key trends.

The Rise of Truly Personal Computing

“Personal computing” was a popular buzzword in the year 2000, but we didn’t yet realize how personal computers would become. Now, nearly everyone carries a smartphone that is vastly more powerful than any consumer computer the year 2000, and as the Brookings Institute notes, we use these personal devices constantly, every single day.

Rather computing being a something we do only occasionally, and only while sitting at a desk, we now engage with our computers all the time. They have become deeply embedded in the rhythms of our daily lives.

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Socializing Moves Online

In part because we are so attached to our devices, now much of our socializing is done online. Whether on Facebook, via text message, or on one of the countless dating apps now available, the internet now has become the primary place we socialize with others, according to a writer at the London School of Economics.

We now talk more online than we do in person. This has literally redefined the meaning of age-old terms like “friendship” and “community.” It has become easier than ever before to connect (or reconnect) with anyone on Earth. But at the same time, the intimacy of our relationships has perhaps diminished, leading some to decrease their time spent online.

No Limits to Digital Innovation

In 2000, it was easy to think of many digital products that were impossible to make, given the current technology. Now, tech has advanced so far that it’s increasingly difficult to envision things that cannot be created. Thanks to advances in hardware and the high-speed connectivity readily available through Ottawa network management companies, the pace of innovation is increasing around the world. As well, the number of people working in technology is rising rapidly across the globe. More people are dedicating themselves to working in tech, which further accelerates the rate of change.

In 2000, nobody expected the next 15 years would change the world. Today, everybody expects that the next 15 years will change everything (again). Together, these trends have reshaped the world since 2000, and made the last two decades a fascinating time to be alive.

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