How The Tablet Can Become Any Remote Worker's Best Weapon

Friday, December 23, 2016

How The Tablet Can Become Any Remote Worker's Best Weapon


Whether you’re the boss or an employee who’s sent here, there, and everywhere, it can be tough working from afar. You don’t have access to the office equipment which makes it a lot easier to access shared resources and plan the day productively. Nor do you have that communication flow that’s so important to collaboration. But you don’t need it, anymore. Not with how useful tablets are becoming to the everyday worker.

Plan the whole year

Whether you’re doing it from home or some hotel room or café on your travels, staying productive is important. When you don’t have the busy buzz of an office in work around you, you have to make your own working environment, instead. To that end, you should look into the bundles of productivity-boosting apps available from your tablets. From scheduling software that ensures you never miss an appointment or a deadline to task management that helps you assess your workload and prioritize which needs to be done now. Staying connected with your own workflow is vital.

Keep it safe and working

One of the issues anyone is going to run up against with their mobile devices is how vulnerable they can leave the working day. Whether that’s due to damage knocking them offline or losing power right when you’re in the middle of that vital task. Look at places like IThingum to get an idea of the accessories that can keep your tablet running and your workflow flowing throughout the day. Otherwise, you better get used to making excuses for why you didn’t get that one thing done.

How The Tablet Can Become Any Remote Worker's Best Weapon
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Sharpen your brain

Working, especially on the go, requires a certain level of sharpness. The more you can improve your ability to process information and act on it, the better. When working on a tablet, a lot of your work is going to be based on reading. Learning to speedread can make it significantly easier for you to not only process but retain information for longer. It’s not about rushing, it’s about improving the speed at which you can fully comprehend text. To that end, you should look at apps like Spritz. With a little practice every day, it can help you more than double your current reading speed.

Stay in the loop

Cohesion with your colleagues is essential, especially during those big collaborative tasks. Project management software on your tablet makes it easier to get an overview of the whole team, their duties, and their progress. Checking in isn’t enough, however. It’s important to be part of the conversation, especially when people are strategizing. It’s important simply because it’s good for building team morale, too. To that end, there are tons of choices like GoToMeeting that make it easier to teleconference with your whole team so you don’t have to miss out.

With the right accessories and apps, you can make it significantly easier to work wherever you are without having to lug a laptop with you. Stay productive, stay in touch, and stay ahead of the game with the tips above.

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