5 Ways Technology Is Shaping the Education System

Monday, December 19, 2016

5 Ways Technology Is Shaping the Education System


The classroom of today increasingly needs to incorporate technology to prepare students for the world of the future. From the use of computer resources to a new collaborative approach, education is evolving.

Technology has become a vital part of most people's daily lives, and the culture of technology has naturally progressed into education. Almost all devices possess the capability to be educational tools, with many new devices being converted and manufactured. Here is a list of five ways technology and tech devices are being used to either enhance or change academics for the better.

Goodbye Textbooks

Textbooks are becoming extinct thanks to technology. Classrooms are taking advantages of mobile device readers capable of holding eBooks and other educational programs. The devices save quite a bit of space, hold a plethora of information, cost less, constantly updated, interactive and can be quickly used. This method not only saves on paper but tends to be less expensive as well.

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Teacher And Student Roles

Technology in the classroom has transformed the teacher into a facilitator for the student. The student's role has also changed. In years past, a student spent most time absorbing all the information the teacher dispensed. Now, the dynamic of student and technology has fostered more student engagement and activity.

Learning Is No Longer Confined Inside the Walls of the Classroom

Computer lab assignments no longer require students to be present within the lab or school. Mobile devices, like tablets and iPads, allow students to work on homework anywhere, essentially filling the gap between home and school.

Collaborative Education

Technology Facilitates Classroom Collaboration

Classrooms today are filled with collaborative efforts among student with each other and among students with teachers. Technology has assisted in fostering increased collaboration, and it has also done much to empower it. The various collaborative dynamics are even more impressive when the collaboration can take place outside of the school even if it is for school. This allows technology to create an educational environment anywhere and anytime.

Technology Enables Teachers to Offer Students a Personal Experience

All students have different learning styles and tend to progress at their own speed, and there are some subjects they may excel at, but they still have a custom pace set by their own brain and personality. The need to nurture individual learning styles and speeds is now being regarded as a fact when future teachers seek their masters degrees in education. Technology assists in providing learning tools and opportunities for teachers to utilize when educating students at the pupils' pace and level.

These are just five examples illustrating how mobile devices are being utilized to improve education. There are many more examples, and as time goes on, the list of mobile tech benefits for educational purposes will grow. The combination of education and technology is changing the landscape of learning for the betterment of students and society.

By  Meghan BelnapEmbed


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