5 Innovations that will Change Construction Forever

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

5 Innovations that will Change Construction Forever


Technology is changing construction in a way that builders had never thought of before. Construction companies are now able to work safely and more efficiently when equipped with the right technology, from materials to new fabrication techniques. 

The five technologies below are useful for builders, and many forward-thinking constructors are already using them.

Prefabricated Building Materials

This technology allows constructors to create ingenious interlocking designs that they can assemble relatively easily on-site. Prefabricated building materials save time, natural resources, and manpower. The construction requires less time and less water and concrete because close to 90 percent of the obstruction takes place in the factory. Under the direction of Sheikh Saqr al Qasimi, RAK Ceramics used this method to produce some of the most celebrated hospitality projects in the United Arabs Emirates. RAK Ceramics is one of the construction companies that supplied construction materials for the Burj Dubai.

Various Forms of Hands-Free Technology

Hands-free technology is very popular because it represents the wave of the future. For example, Google Glass allows the construction crew to record, received, transmit and evaluate data without wasting time. With these devices, crews do not have to pause whatever they are doing to pick up cameras or send messages to their colleagues.

Clearly, hands-free technology promotes both efficiency and accuracy and improves safety. Construction crews can focus on the job at hand instead of ancillary tasks, and this consequently decreases the potential for accidents such as falls.

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Tablets and other smart devices make digital communication easier than ever. These devices make it possible for construction crews to communicate with each other and have access to work orders online. Additionally, screws can also use these computing devices to capture images and show them to their clients and check on the status of relevant documents such as permits conveniently.

Professional construction devices provide every member of their crew with at least a tablet to enable them to track and manage their work more efficiently. Tablets also help these crews to stay in contact whenever they are working in different locations. While the construction industry still holds some habits from decades ago, these high-tech gadgets are evolving and will become indispensable construction devices of the future.

3D printing buildings

3D Printing

3D printing technology holds a significant potential for the construction industry as constructors can apply it on whole range of construction materials. Many companies have used this technology to create shelters for victims of natural disasters using water, sand, and clay, and this shows it is here to stay.

3D printing comes with other benefits as well. By allowing construction crews to hand over the actual construction process to a printer, it eliminates the possibility of human error. This ensures complex geometrical designs are not the sole preserve of the wealthy alone.


Drones are literally changing the construction landscape when it comes to surveying potential construction sites and monitoring them. While it continues to evolve, many companies are currently hiring drone pilots to survey construction sites in both remote and heavily populated locations. Furthermore, construction site foremen are also using this innovation to monitor actively how their crews are working. Drones make it easy to monitor workers and promptly survey the progress of certain areas on construction sites.

Drones for construction

Additionally, this technology will also play some roles that are indirectly related to the construction of the home of the future. Given the pace of innovation in the construction industry, individual ownership of drones will be commonplace in the very near future. Construction companies will be able to send their own drones to companies that supply construction materials such to be loaded with these materials and bring them the construction site.

From prefabricated building materials to drones and everything in between, it is clear why construction companies across the world are focusing on technology. These innovations offer efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

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