4 Incredible Ways Communication May Change in the Next 10 Years

Sunday, December 18, 2016

4 Incredible Ways Communication May Change in the Next 10 Years

Social Media

With 2016 coming to an end, internet analysts tend to dust off their prediction caps and start making predictions about how technology will shape the future of human interaction.

Judging by what transpired across social media channels in 2016, it is easy to predict that major changes will come about between now and 2020. Big social networks such as Facebook became so influential in daily life that they may have helped Donald Trump gain a substantial edge in his unlikely election to succeed President Barack Obama. To be sure, Trump showed the world how he could influence the financial markets and popular sentiment with a single Twitter update.

According to Data Never Sleeps, a report by Domo, there are now more mobile devices than humans in our world, which speaks volumes about how our communications are being transformed. The following are four incredible, game-changing trends we are likely to see in terms of the way we choose to exchange information with each other.

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Social Media Babies

Do newborn human creatures really need social media accounts? For celebrity parents such as Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, creating various accounts across social networks for their baby daughter was as important as entering her into the civil registry and scheduling her pediatric medical checkups.

So now we can log into our Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts to look for Dream Kardashian, who happens to be adorable. Naturally, her reality television parents are posting updates for her, but we are free to ponder just how long it will take for little Dream to start posting on her own. Will Twitter confirm her account and issue a blue check mark to verify that she is not an impostor? Will she later rebel against her parents and delete her social media presence? This is not a celebrity gimmick; according to research conducted by baby brand Gerber, as many as 40 percent of young mothers are setting up social media accounts for their babies.

Going Fully Visual

We can thank the internet for making us a nation of readers, but we may blame social media for replacing the reading trend with images and video, particularly live streaming.

According to studies conducted by market research firms such as Focus Vision, social networks such as Periscope that specialize in live streaming are attracting more attention than live television. Video conferencing on WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger is also a trend that is catching up with text messages.

E-Commerce Goes Social

In China, the versatile app WeChat is quickly becoming an employment and retail marketplace. This trend is expected to arrive in North America by 2018, and it is bound to switch the process of looking for jobs on LinkedIn to WhatsApp.

A similar transformation is expected to take place within social messaging apps such as Skype, which the enterprise world has truly embraced. Now that LinkedIn and Skype are owned by Microsoft, we can safely ponder that a merger of sorts may take place very soon.

Social Apps within Autonomous Cars

In 2016, the Obama administration was enthusiastic about the future of self-driving cars. Insurance companies certainly love the fact that autonomous vehicles are better at avoiding accidents than humans, and this could mean the end of texting and driving as a societal problem.

The infotainment systems of autonomous cars will become saturated with apps, and many of them will likely allow people to connect via social networks as they zip down the highway on full autopilot mode. Dating apps such as Tinder may update with new features that allow flirting while riding on self-driving cars.

If you think that a Brave New World of communications awaits us from now until the end of the decade, wait until the four trends above become the new social media standards.

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