This Hexapod Robot Has Some Serious Intelligence

Monday, November 7, 2016

This Hexapod Robot Has Some Serious Intelligence


HEXA is a new all-terrain hexapod robot that can find its way through different environments. It also supports various machine learning algorithms and image, video, face, and voice recognition, which means it can navigate through dangerous obstacles, avoid falling off a table, and recognize who you are.

White some artificial intelligence companies are busy building robots with wheels and faces, Chinese-based Vincross claims to take a totally different approach. The company is about to launch its first product, the all-terrain robot HEXA, and it will be the first robot that can climb stairs in the market. This six-legged robot-spider can walk, climb, and travel across rough terrain, which makes it suitable for scientific expeditions. Vincross also says the robot can be used in firefighting, rescue operations, and even Elon Musk's Mars plan.

Vincross’s founder and CEO, Sun Tianqi, has extensive experience in robotics and artificial intelligence. Before starting Vincross, Tianqi worked as an AI scientist at Tsinghua University, where he conducted research on neural modeling and neural networks. While studying in university, he also translated the biography of AI’s founding father – Alan Turing: The Enigma.

“My research on artificial intelligence, neuroscience, neural modeling, and later on, machine learning – all of it centered around one thing,” he told Tech in Asia. “I wanted to create a creature.”

Hexapod Robot

Unlike all those robotics companies that make wheeled and motionless products, Vincross stated in a press release, the company believes a robot is not only a body that can interact with the physical world, but also a brain that can learn.

Along these lines, the company has created an open ecosystem for HEXA. According to the company, HEXA is a living being and a primary state of an artificial life. The startup is inviting interested developers to build new functions for the hexapod, to fulfill its immense potential. Vincross said developers can create "skills" for HEXA using the SDK, which will be released soon, and sell their works in the company's Skill Store.

Vincross HEXA

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"We are seeking 2,048 insightful developers to train HEXA. We call them HEXA's human mentors, and they will be the first group of people to adopt this robot. In a way, HEXA's future begins with them," the company's founder and CEO Sun Tianqi said.

The six legs free the robot from any restraint of the outside world and make it move dexterously on rough terrain. With this uniqueness, HEXA can do what others can't, such as scientific exploration, firefighting and rescue operations.

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