The Rise of PCs: How Microsoft Changed The World

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Rise of PCs: How Microsoft Changed the Business World


Microsoft has been a driving force in helping to pioneer the realm of modern business. In one fashion or another, the brain child of Bill Gates has touched virtually every company and organization that exists today.

Whether it is through the purchase of industry-leading computer software products or in the way businesses rely on Microsoft to set the bar, the simple truth is that Microsoft brings change and innovation to the table across a vast spectrum of vibrant, thriving industries. The following are but a few examples of how Microsoft has brought meaningful change to the business landscape.

The First Large Scale Software Company

At a time when businesses were just learning about the power of personal computers in the workplace, Microsoft was positioning itself as the world's first and largest software company. With a long legacy of commercial-grade software components, such as versions of the Windows OS and Microsoft Office suite, the software giant's products have become a main staple in business computer use around the world. In short, Microsoft made it possible for computers to migrate into the workplace when personal computing was just moving beyond its infancy.

Certification Requirements

If you want to work in a computer-related field these days, you better have some sort of Microsoft certification on your resume. One way Microsoft has changed the business world is in being a leader in computer-related field certifications that employers actively seek out and require of potential job applicants. Whether you are looking to add the MCITP, MCTS or other certification letters to your list of qualifications, Microsoft provides the avenues by which proficiency in these areas of study can be achieved.

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Monitoring and Controlling Daily Operations

The ability to adequately monitor and control a company's daily operations is a key area where Microsoft has excelled above competitors in bringing intuitive tools and solutions to its loyal clients. With monitoring tools like Dynamics GP, MSPartnership, business owners are finding it easy to stay on top of inventory, target clients and review company metrics and study company-related information in a variety of different formats.


Electronic Gadgets

While the use of tablets and smart phones in businesses are common place today, what most people may not realize is that both these innovations were introduced by Microsoft. Now allowing companies to operate in the mobile frontier, the software giant, though ushering in the trend, has not capitalized heavily on the vast profit potential of either of these two innovations. With the latest Surface products, large format interactive displays and Hololens, Microsoft continues to push the boundaries of hardware technology. Yet, many other businesses involved in mobile device manufacturing and business-related app development certainly have piggy-backed on Microsoft's technological innovation in these areas.

Market Control and Stability

While Microsoft has often been criticized as being monopolistic in its approach, defenders of the software giant's market strategies argue that Microsoft provides amazing product stability to the marketplace. In turn, businesses that rely on Microsoft products have come to expect and depend on product compatibility issues being eliminated in Microsoft's introduction of new products being used across numerous industries.To say that Microsoft has had a lasting impact on how business is done is something of an understatement. Setting standards, controlling markets, developing product dependency and driving innovation has paved the way for Microsoft to create change across the extent of the business world. With every new advancement Microsoft introduces to the modern tech-driven marketplace, the more the impact of Microsoft's ability to evolve how business is done is felt around the globe.

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