Technology: How It's Changed The Auto Industry For Good

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Technology: How It's Changed The Auto Industry For Good


We may not have flying cars yet, but at least self-driving cars are on the horizon. There are many innovations and technologies that have appeared in the automobile industry. Many of these ideas are still in the experimental stages and have not reached the mainstream market yet.

Although the automotive industry has not released many potential ground-breaking technology, it is important to know about current trends that have transformed the auto industry for good.

Smart Cars

Think of the smartphone that you use regularly. There is no reason why the text messages, videos and Internet access that appears in your phone should not appear in your car, too. Some car models have smart dashboards that perform the same tasks as smartphones. Make calls, send and receive text messages and look up GPS navigation all from the dashboard. Also, play music, watch videos and perform voice commands via the interactive touch screen. Using voice controls is the hands-off approach to keep your eyes focused on the road.

Autonomous Cars

Also known as self-driving cars, autonomous cars are getting more people interested in the future of the auto industry. Owning a fully robotic car is not possible yet, but more independent-thinking features are being included in vehicles.

An example is the active parking assist feature that acts as a parking assistant and beeps if you get too close to other cars. Some cars can drive and park themselves without drivers inside. The cars are equipped with cameras and motion sensors to guide movements.

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For now, autonomous features are found in a few select makes and models, but more models will be included in the future. Your car’s value depends on its model and condition. If you are truly interested in staying relaxed behind the wheel, be wary of all the models that will be marketed in the next few years. You are also going to want to make sure that you find a car that you know you can sell or get parts for from places like U Pull & Pay. That way you can make sure that your car is always properly maintained.

GPS Tracking

Have someone driving your car who you do not trust? Now, letting other people borrow your car is less of a concern with GPS tracking technology. Within minutes, install a device that gives you real-time data on any and every location of your car’s driver.

Thousands of innovative ideas have hit the auto industry in recent decades. The main idea is that cars are becoming more independent. Cars are using autopilot systems to drive themselves and using sensors to prevent you from getting into accidents. Cars were invented a little over 100 years ago, so expect to see more changes unfold in the next 100 years.

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