Stock Chip Racing: How Technology Changed the Market Forever

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stock Chip Racing: How Technology Changed the Market Forever


After the technological boom of the last century, it is easy to say that what the human mind is able to conceive, humanity can very well achieve. Today, the potential of human innovation and know-how are just about limitless. 

Access to technology has made the world smaller. Now, more than ever, goods, services, and information are transferable and transmittable from one part of the world to another in just a matter of seconds. Indeed, the microchip is perhaps the single most important invention of the last century, and has changed the way we live in almost every way. It has even changed the way economies function.

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Hand in hand with the advent of today’s ultra-modern technology is a revolution in the world of business. Concepts such as marketing, entrepreneurship, trading, and branding have all taken a different meaning in today’s society driven mainly by consumers, innovators, technocrats, modern taipans, and millennials. Colonel Sanders once had to leave his kitchen and go door-to-door just to be able to sell his fried chicken, but any business-savvy person today can very well stay glued in front of their computer and make money. Internet startups and small businesses can function for years without a physical office space, and exist entirely online.

Investing in Virtual Reality

Better-Informed Traders and Investors

There was a time in the not-so-distant past where stock markets were characterized by boisterous yelling and aggressive shouting whenever news stories, global affairs, and market movements would affect the trajectory of stocks. This is not the case any longer. Stock prices, company earnings reports, and trade data are easily available and verifiable online and in real time, resulting to better-informed traders, investors, and financial advisers. Trading has also migrated to the internet, making high-frequency trading not only possible, but the norm in many of the world’s major stock markets.

Invest in Yourself

So how does one equip himself amidst all these changes? One very practical answer to this is by getting an MBA. First and foremost, an MBA degree enables an individual to get a holistic and in-depth understanding of today’s business climate—both local and global. It allows you to acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills in the fast-changing world of business. An MBA degree holder is also more attractive for any potential employer—promising a higher salary and the opportunity for any business-driven individual to effectively and efficiently consolidate their business network. For more information about an MBA, you can learn more here.

While it is true that this is a very fierce and competitive world, technology and education also present many platforms to allow a person to get ahead. The challenge lies in mastering these platforms to be able to improve oneself and win the race.

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