IBM and NVIDIA Team Up To Deliver AI Hardware

Sunday, November 20, 2016

IBM and NVIDIA Team Up To Deliver AI Hardware

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IBM and NVIDIA have announced collaboration on a new deep learning tool called PowerAI, which is optimized for the latest hardware technologies to help train computers to think and learn in more human-like ways at a faster pace.

IBM and Nvidia have released a new jointly-created set of deep learning software tools called PowerAI. These tools are meant to make machine learning projects faster and tighten up neural net performance, and in part, to provide a way to extend Watson's capabilities. as our understanding of AI advances.

"PowerAI hardware and software can build learned models from images, speech, or other media in less time than prior generations of hardware and software."
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PowerAI consists of a set of binary distributions of several custom-tuned neural networks and some associated custom NVIDIA's GPUDL libraries compatible with machine-learning tasks. As a software suite, PowerAI is designed to run on a single one of IBM’s highest-end Power servers, the Power S822LC for High Performance Computing (HPC), but also to scale up from one to many many supercomputing clusters.

"PowerAI democratizes deep learning and other advanced analytic technologies by giving enterprise data scientists and research scientists alike an easy to deploy platform to rapidly advance their journey on AI,” said Ken King, General Manager, OpenPOWER. “Coupled with our high performance computing servers built for AI, IBM provides what we believe is the best platform for enterprises building AI-based software, whether it’s chatbots for customer engagement, or real-time analysis of social media data.”

The first set of hardware is the Power8 server with the Nvidia Tesla GPUs, said Sumit Gupta, IBM’s vice president of high-performance computing and analytics.

PowerAI Servers

This technology can be used for a broad set of purposes. For example, new driver assist technologies rely on machine and deep learning patterns to recognize objects in a rapidly changing environment, personal digital assistant technology is learning to categorize information contained in emails and text messages based on context, and in the enterprise, machine and deep learning applications can be used to identify high-value sales opportunities, provide assistance in call centers, detect instances of intrusion or fraud and suggest solutions to technical or business problems.

The PowerAI Deep Learning Frameworks were created to give developers and data scientists a platform on which to develop new machine learning-based applications and to analyze data with
immediate productivity, ease of use, and high performance.

The new hardware is the fastest deep-learning system available, according to the companies. The Power8 CPUs and Tesla P100 GPUs are among the fastest chips available, and both are linked via the NVLink interconnect, which outperforms PCI-Express 3.0. Nvidia’s GPUs power many deep-learning systems in companies like Google, Facebook, and Baidu.

Initial client uses for the new IBM Power S822LC for HPC servers include:

  • Human Brain Project– In support of the Human Brain Project, a research project funded by the European Commission to advance understanding of the human brain, IBM, and NVIDIA deployed a pilot system at the Juelich Supercomputing Centre as part of the Pre-Commercial Procurement process. Called JURON, the new supercomputer leverages Power S822LC for HPC systems.
  • Cloud provider Nimbix– HPC cloud platform provider, Nimbix expanded its cloud supercomputing offerings this month, putting IBM Power S822LC for HPC systems with PowerAI in the hands of developers and data scientists to achieve enhanced performance.
  • City of Yachay, Ecuador – Ecuador’s “City of Knowledge,” Yachay, is a planned city designed to push the nation’s economy away from commodities and towards knowledge-based innovation. Last week the city announced it is using a cluster of Power S822LC servers to build the country’s first supercomputer for the purpose of creating new forms of energy, predicting climates, and pioneering food genomics.
  • SC3 Electronics– A leading cloud supercomputing center in Turkey, SC3 Electronics announced last month at the OpenPOWER Summit Europe that it is creating the largest HPC cluster in the Middle East and North Africa region based on Power S822LC for HPC servers.

"The co-designed PowerAI hardware and software can build learned models from images, speech, or other media in less time than prior generations of hardware and software," states Hillery Hunter, Director of Systems Acceleration and Memory and Memory Strategist IBM Research. "Deep learning training time is a key metric for developer productivity in this domain. It enables innovation at a faster pace, as developers can invent and try out many new models, parameter settings, and data sets."

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