How Does Technology Improve Our World?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How Does Technology Improve Our World?


Technology has acquired a substantial array of innovative advances. The internet seems to be the most advantageous technological advance of all time; bringing the entire world together in one location. The internet has brought the world together, to communicate, work, educate, inform, etc., so that we can help improve the way we live.

Life in general has become more convenient due to access to the internet. It offers new advances in employment, social media, environment, education, healthcare, and technology.


Applying for a job is only a click away with the use of a computer or iPhone. Job opportunities have also advanced, giving some the option of remotely working from anywhere around the world. Being able to link up with other people about work, school and social activities has never been easier or more instant.

Social Media

You can obtain all the media you want by getting on the internet. You can also talk to anyone around the world through social media websites. Social media has changed the way in which we interact and how we get things done.


Going green has been a big concern around the world to help improve our environment by doing whatever we can on the internet or in digital format. Businesses are even adopting many ways to go green. Therefore, reading a magazine online, reading a digital newspaper, watching the news on television, etc., have all greatly helped improve the environment. Electric cars help protect the environment as well.

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Homeschooling has made its way to the internet. College is even obtainable through the internet. Obtaining an education on campus has also been made more convenient with the increase in technology. For instance, if you want to obtain a master’s in electrical engineering, you get the honor of studying and working with the most updated, high tech advances in the electrical industry, putting you on the path of a highly innovative field.


Hospitals and healthcare providers have benefited from advanced medical machines and techniques to find, diagnose and heal numbers of different illnesses and injuries. With the overwhelming numbers of patients that hospitals and physicians have to help daily, there are numerous jobs available remotely from home such as medical transcription work.


Our world has benefited from easy access to desktop computers and laptops, iPhone's that not only call, but act as a mini and portable computer, iPad's that you can read books, etc. Technology has certainly come a long way, and you will find many more advantages to these innovative breakthroughs. It has most certainly improved our world in some amazing ways, and we will continue to see newly advanced technology in the near future.

By  Rachelle Wilber Embed


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