This New Scooter is the Size of a Laptop

Friday, October 14, 2016

Scooter the Size of a Laptop


With the new zippy WALKCAR scooter, you can just carry your electric transportation in your bag​. The 2.8 kilogram WALKCAR is about the size of a laptop, and can take you where you want to go for about an hour per charge.

WALKCAR is a new scooter that its makers are calling 'the world’s smallest car.' Its inventor believes this piece of Japanese ingenuity can change the world—now there is no need to find a parking spot; you can just carry your car in your bag​.

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WALKCAR is a 13-inch laptop-sized electric scooter that weighs only 2.8 kg, built with a carbon body. It reaches a top speed of 16km/h. One charge will give you one hour of riding time. There is no steering wheel or remote control device—by simply shifting your weight on WALKCAR's flat body, you can go in any direction. When you want to stop it, you just step off. 

Cocoa Motors inventor and CEO Kuniaki Sato, came up with the idea for the “Car in your bag” when he moved to Tokyo for university. He observed how people travel in the city by public transport and walking compared with how he used to drive his car everywhere back in his hometown.

WalkcarSato wanted a form of transport that allowed him to go to all the places you can go on foot, while being able to go longer distances without getting exhausted by walking. Full of inspiration, he immediately began to design from scratch.

WALKCAR will be available for at US$1280 on pre-order and purchase request worldwide. It will start shipping September 2017 to 13 countries across Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe, with availability expanding to include more countries, upon request, in the near future.

SOURCE  Cocoa Motors

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