The Top 7 Reasons to Go Solar

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Top 7 Reasons to Go Solar


At a time when choosing to go solar is becoming increasingly popular, you may be asking yourself why so many people are choosing to install solar panels on their homes. Solar energy is good for both the environment and your pocketbook.

We have compiled a list of seven reasons homeowners are choosing to go solar and why now is the the best time to install panels on your home.

Save Money on Energy Bills

It’s likely that, more often than not, you dread seeing the amount due on your monthly energy bill. Energy prices seem to be on the rise constantly in recent years, making it nearly impossible to cut down on your utility bills. With the installation of solar panels, you will see an immediate decrease in energy costs.

Solar Panels Can Help Protect Your Roof

While you may be concerned that the installation of solar panels will leave holes in your roof that will ultimately weaken it and lead to leaking, in reality, solar panels add an extra layer of protection for your roof. Not to mention, they lend a sleek look to your home.

Increase Home Value

As with all energy efficient upgrades, solar panels add value to your home and help to make it more marketable by offering an excellent selling feature that will no doubt set your home apart from others on the market.

Become More Self-Sufficient

Self-sufficiency is becoming more popular and more necessary as the cost of living is increasing in most American cities. Installing solar panels on your home ensures you will no longer be at the mercy of your local energy company.

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The Solar Investment Tax Credit

With the extension of the Solar Investment Tax Credit, you are able to benefit from a 30% tax break through the end of 2019. This percentage drops to 26% from 2020 through 2021, then 22% from 2022 through 2023, at which time it will no longer be available. Going solar now allows you to reap the full benefits of this credit.

Help Preserve Environmental Resources

Choosing to go solar is an excellent way to decrease your carbon footprint and do something good for the environment. Unlike traditional energy that sends harmful byproducts into the ozone during production, solar energy is made from a clean and renewable resource. Going solar is important and necessary to help preserve the environment for future generations.

Have Peace of Mind Knowing You’re Doing Your Part

In a world where ice caps are melting, animals are going extinct, and the ozone is rapidly depleting, we all need to do our part to protect the world around us. When you go solar now, you can have peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to protect the environment and preserve our natural resources.

Take Advantage of Solar Today

With all of the benefits going solar can offer your household, what are you waiting for?

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