60 Minutes Covers Artificial Intelligence

Monday, October 10, 2016

60 Minutes Covers Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Charlie Rose from 60 Minutes recently reported on how it might not be long before machines begin thinking for themselves—creatively, independently and with judgment sometimes better than ours. The exploration follows progress in AI over the last five years since Watson's win on Jeopardy!

In a recent piece for 60 Minutes, Charlie Rose undertook to look at the rise of artificial intelligence in the past five years. Five years ago, IBM's Watson won on the game show, Jeopardy! AI is making important strides in areas like medicine and military technology.  What was once in the realm of science fiction has become day-to-day reality.

Starting with a review of Watson's win, Rose shows how the system is now being used in the fight against cancer.

Watson has now been used on over 2,000 cancer patients, and the doctors feel that their work has forever been changed with the tool. IBM has partnered with 20 top-cancer institutes to tutor Watson in genomics and oncology.

"To me like a very comprehensive tool," says Dr. Ned Sharpless in the program. "Imagine doing clinical oncology up in the mountains of western North Carolina by yourself, you know, in a single or one-physician-- two-physician practice and 8,000 papers get written a day. And, you know-- and you want to try and provide the best, most cutting-edge, modern care for your patients possible. And I think Watson will seem to that person like a lifesaver."

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What Watson’s AI technology does is essentially what Dr. Sharpless and his team of experts do every week at this molecular tumor board meeting. They come up with possible treatment options for cancer patients who already failed standard therapies. They try to do that by sorting through all of the latest medical journals and trial data, but it is nearly impossible to keep up. Watson is used to read all of the up-to-the-minute research available and help guide the doctors.

Sharpless has started using Watson as part of University of North Carolina’s standard of care so it can help patients.

IBM Pepper robot with Watson AI

Watson is also shown in a research lab, embedded onto a Softbank Pepper robot.

Many other companies are trying to create artificial intelligence that’s closer to human intelligence, and one that is working towards the goal is featured on the show, Hanson Robotics. Rose sits down and interviews David Hanson and his latest humanoid robot, Sophia.

Unfortunately the clear leader in the pursuit of artificial general intelligence, DeepMind did not participate in the 60 Minutes piece, but their work was largely featured.


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