4 Ways New Technology is Changing the PR Landscape

Sunday, October 23, 2016

4 Ways New Technology is Changing the PR Landscape


In today's ever-changing business world, technology has greatly altered the landscape. However, perhaps no area has been affected more than public relations.  If you're curious as to how technology has changed the PR landscape, here are four ways considered to be extraordinary.

Years ago businesses had to rely on writing press releases or holding live in-person events to reach customers, today's technology now allows for much more convenient ways to spread the news to potentially millions of people in an instant.


In years past, sending out a press release meant mailing it to a newspaper and waiting for it to be published. However, e-mail has changed that. With a simple click of a button, a PR pro can send out multiple press releases at once to newspapers around the world, ensuring they get their message out in a much more efficient manner.

World Wide Web

For many companies, the PR game changed immensely once the World Wide Web came along. With this option at their disposal, companies can now create eye-catching and informative web sites that not only convey the latest information, but also allow them to manage their image and agenda.

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Whereas decades ago it was expected a company would advertise its business as much as possible, today's younger generation of customers tends to look unfavorably on this practice. In fact, many younger customers now tend to be distrustful of those companies that use public relations to advertise their products or services. Having grown up with a smartphone in their hand, they prefer instead to make up their own minds about issues, rather than simply believing whatever so-called "official" opinion is put before them.

Social Media

Without a doubt, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the world of public relations. Giving companies as well as customers instant access to one another, social media can make or break a public relations campaign. Allowing for instant communication and discussion, these sites not only let companies respond immediately to negative situations, but also empower customers to voice their opinions in hopes of seeing positive change. In fact, this area of technology has evolved so quickly that it's vital for PR professionals to obtain a Master's degree in Public Relations in order to keep up with the latest developments. Many are going back to school without leaving the professional world by choosing an online public relations degree in order to keep up with the ever changing demands of the modern social landscape.

By understanding and utilizing the latest technological advances, public relations professionals can have far more control over achieving the results they desire for their company or organization.

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