Wearables That Aren't for Your Wrist

Monday, September 19, 2016

Wearables That Aren't Just for Your Wrist


Wearable gadgets have become one of the hottest trends, and with new developments coming out every month, it's easy to find an example that promises to change your life. Wearables mean a lot more than just smart watches though—here are a few examples.

The Apple Watch has been one of Apple Inc.'s most popular items, with upwards of 12 million watches sold the first year it was available. Wearable technology has become one of the hottest trends, and with new developments coming out every month, it's easy to find the wearable tech that will enhance your life. And you don't even have to give up your wrist for it.

The Wearable Explosion

Apple Watch

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As wearable tech becomes more accessible and new markets are discovered, more companies are investing in developing technology and bringing new products to the public. If you're in the market for health-related technology, improving your athletic performance or organizing your calendar while keeping your hands free, wearable tech is just what you need.

One in six Americans owns and utilizes wearable tech and the market for them went over $2 billion in 2015. As 2016 continues, wearable tech is being seen in every city and every state, with the market reaching nearly $3 billion.

Moving Beyond Physical Health 

Wearables Beyond Physical Health

Health concerns can be addressed with wearable tech. A skin sensor that monitors UV light exposure will alert you to when it's time to come in out of the sun. A belt that encourages movement and increases daily activity will pair well with a pair of running shoes that tracks your distance, time and speed. Counting daily steps is a snap when your wearable tech not only reminds you it's time to move, but keeps track of your statistics.

Going beyond physical to mental health, wearable tech can address situations that cause some individuals to suffer panic attacks. In-ear audio systems that can be adjusted to filter out loud or sharp noises in public will allow people who suffer from anxiety disorders to go about their day freely. Muting background noises and making it easier to hear a conversation reduces social anxiety, letting you participate in a social activity without fear.

Consumers want wearable tech to fulfill their needs, such as exercise assistance, tracking medical information and providing dietary guidance. Form-enhancing yoga bottoms that provide vibrations to guide you into the right form and posture. Combining wearable tech with apps that track and translate the data for consumers makes wearable tech part of daily life.

Wearable’s Enter the VR Market 

Wearable’s Enter the VR Market

For business productivity, wearable tech is invaluable. Google Glass was the first, but virtual reality (VR) and accessible heads up display (HUD) are combining to give people access to information wherever they need it. Accessing client information in the middle of a meeting, checking email while walking to a business lunch and updating records on the go are all possible thanks to wearable tech.

Just as smartphones reduced the distance between people, allowing rapid communication despite thousands of miles that may lie between two separate businesses, so wearable tech will improve that capability. Instead of leaving a meeting to confer with a colleague, a set of smart glasses can immediately contact someone across the globe and allow them to participate in business matters.

Wearable tech will do more than we can currently imagine, much as telephones, television and automobiles have done throughout the years. Changes in technology create new opportunities for people to find ways to improve the quality of life, and the possibilities that wearable tech offer are endless. Smartphones and mobile access outranks desktop usage now; wearable tech will outpace smartphones as technology improves, bringing new ways to stay connected. Fashionable USB drives, smart watches, VR glasses, in-ear audio systems and athletic clothing that monitors your vital signs are all available now. Just as cellular phones shrank in size and improved in performance, so will wearable tech move from your wrist to your entire body.

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