Key Developments within the Gaming Industry within the Last Three Decades

Friday, September 9, 2016

Key Developments within the Gaming Industry within the Last Three Decades


It seems like no matter how old someone gets, the world of gaming has a particular game they can enjoy playing. Gaming has seen significant growth over the past thirty years with some important milestones happening along the way.

Video game development for the past thirty years has been constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to create more graphically spectacular and immersive experiences. The evolution of the industry from arcade, to the home, to mobile gaming is explored here.

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The Early Days

In the beginning, gaming occurred only outside of the home at dedicated video arcades. Players simply inserted coins or tokens in the machines and the game began. The first one of these games to rise in popularity was Pong. The game was special because despite its simplicity is was incredibly addictive. The premise of the game was for players to operate paddles to hit a ball across a net. The game is also significant because it created demand for videos to be played at home which heralded in a new chapter of gaming history.

Soon afterwards, classic game titles like Pac Man, Defender, Centipede, Space Invaders and more were gobbling up quarters in arcades, sending the pinball machines to the back of the room.

Gaming at Home

With the development of gaming consoles, players could enjoy their games at home. The first console to be developed was the Atari. Of course, other models soon came onto the scene leading to some intense marketing battle such as the one that occurred between the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. In the end, Nintendo was the victor with sales tripling that of Sony.

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Gaming on the Go

Gaming on a mobile device continues to push video game development. Pokémon Go has been widely successful, now merging the physical world with gameplay. With the release of the iPhone 7, gaming was featured in terms of the new console-level graphics and gameplay available, with Oz Broken Kingdom, along with the inclusion of long-time game leader Nintendo as a late entry into the app game market with Super Mario Run. The move has already been very profitable for Nintendo.

The internet led to the creation of online casinos. As phones began to have internet access, mobile casino games were the next logical development. People could now enjoy their favourite casino games anywhere on the go. Mobile phones improved in their development which further made them conducive for casino gaming. Faster processors, improved batteries and other features have made mobile gaming a popular trend today.

Without a doubt, the past three decades have seen some significant changes in the industry; it leads many to imagine what the future could hold. With virtual reality gaming on the horizon, gaming will have a bright future.

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