Boston Dynamics' Mark Raibert Discusses Where His Robotics Company is Headed

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Marc Raibert got interviewed by TechCrunch’s Brian Heater at the Disrupt conference recently. The two of them spent some time commenting on a video of the company’s various robots over the years.

“We want to make our robots friendly,” Boston Dynamics founder and CEO Mark Raibert told the audience at Disrupt. “Our 250-pound robots — nobody wants to get near them.”

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The company's SpotMini robot can walk around interior spaces and is being programmed for more domestic tasks, compared with its more military-inspired big brothers. Raibert mentions that this is part of Boston Dynamics being acquired by Google.

"It is true that we have wound down the government work over the course of about a year and a half or so, since we were acquired by Google," Raibert explains. Now he says, "We are more open to the broad range of possible applications."

When asked about the rumors that Google is looking to sell Boston Dynamics, Raibert didn’t really answer. “I’ve heard the rumors, that’s about all I can say,” he said. He does say that his company's progress since the acquisition has been incredible.

"Mobility, dexterity and perception are the key ingredients, and when they are mature, I think robots will be incredibly useful," states Raibert. 

SOURCE  Tech Crunch

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