Top 4 Accessories for Your New DSLR Camera

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Top 4 Accessories for Your New DSLR Camera


Having a camera means that you are ready to take your first pictures. This is fun, but if you don't have the appropriate camera accessories, it can be disappointing.

Acquiring a camera doesn't mean that you are ready to go to the field. Here are some of the accessories that you should have together with our camera.

A reliable tripod

Sometimes you might go to the field and find that the pictures you are taking require the camera to be still. A good example of this is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. These photos need your camera to be still. If you move the device when capturing, the photos will be blurred. The tripod has to be very firm and stable. Otherwise, what will be the need of this tripod if it keeps on shaking?

Fast, high capacity memory cards

The images taken by a DSLR camera are large images in size. This means that you will need space to store as many pictures as you can. The camera comes with its memory card but as a photographer you should invest in extras. Everything but Stromboli LLC. gives you more information on these type of cards. You should have extra memory cards with you all the time in the field.
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An extra camera battery If you have ever bought a DSLR camera, you will note that it comes with one battery. This is good, but it's better to invest in another battery. Charge both of your batteries and make sure that you always carry them with you in the field. Sometimes, your battery charge can run out during a photo shoot session. If you don't have an extra battery, your photo session will be ruined.

Lens wipes or a lens cleaner

This might sound odd, but a clean lens is crucial when it comes to good photography. There are many of them in the market. They are not expensive but get one that is high-quality and does not use chemicals to keep your lenses clean. Remember you cannot always go to a clean environment for a shoot. Sometimes you will find yourself on a dusty road. Lens wipes will enable you to shoot quality photos in these circumstances.

Your photography session is ready to start when you have these four accessories. These are the most basic ones. However, depending on the kind of digital photography you venture into, you might need extra advanced accessories other than these.

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