The iMom May Be The Nanny of the Future - Let's Hope Not

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The iMom May Be The Nanny of the Future


Written and Directed by Ariel Martin, the recently released sci fi short film, the iMom looks at what happens when a mother leaves her kids under the supervision of the family’s android.

"Imagine what the iMom can do for you."
The iMom is an award winning short science fiction film by Ariel Martin that explores the consequences of parents shirking their responsibilities and leaving their children in the care of an artificially intelligent nanny. See the film in its entirety below.

On top of being chilling and entertaining, the film also takes a real stab at exploring classic anxieties about the coming artificial intelligence age in an earnest way. iMom raises questions about how dependable these robots can be in our lives if they are just intelligent and not moral. It also considers the consequences of letting children be raised by artificial intelligence instead of the progenitors themselves.

iMom short film

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The said android is conceived to demonstrate advanced cognitive and language capabilities. In the short, the android references the Bible and is able to make statements laced with irony.

The title role is performed by Australian actress, Matilda Brown, who commits to her role as a robot so deeply that it’s to the point of creepy, especially during the final scene of the film (spoiler alert).

We hope that this vision of the future is not totally accurate.

SOURCE  Dust via Watchdust

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