Intriguing Computer and Internet Technology for the Modern World

Monday, August 15, 2016

Intriguing Computer and Internet Technology for the Modern World


Improving technology and competitive industry are leading to innovations and solutions that were science fiction a decade ago. You have no way of knowing what will catch on and what won't

Here are some evolving Internet and computer technologies which are either proven successes or big promises.

Hybrid Clouds

Rather than standard cloud services, more businesses are opting for a hybrid solution. These are environments featuring on-site and privatized cloud solutions as well as 3rd-party public services. This compensates for doubts regarding speed and security. Private cloud use has jumped to 77% of business cloud solutions.

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Quantum Computing

This involves processors engineered according to quantum mechanics, or the various possible states of subatomic particles. This makes them many times more powerful than "traditional" binary 1s and 0s. Though the technology hasn't come of age yet, computer labs around the world are perfecting basic models. Though still quite limited, scientists at the University of Maryland have created the first programmable quantum computer.

Managed Services

One popular solution is for businesses to contract with an IT services provider. These are tech companies with the expertise to integrate with your systems to provide support and monitoring around the clock, as well as analyze, design, implement, or upgrade hardware and software systems. Some companies, like Bedrock IT, have managed services in Ottawa for server support. The benefit is that using 3rd party hardware, software, and expertise can save companies money.

Big Data

The standard business intelligence solutions now seem terribly outdated. Companies are capturing huge amounts of data from business transactions, online sources, and ubiquitous mobile devices. Efficient and accurate analysis provides a competitive edge in finding marketing trends and predictive patterns. It's gotten so important that big business is funding research into futuristic software and computing solutions to cope.

Machine Learning

The Internet of Things is a new generation of gadgets that can communicate via Wi-Fi. As more of our possessions are able to collect, transmit, and analyze data, they will revolutionize commerce. But smart software has bigger implications. AI software is already being developed to predict and sniff out malware, or empower devices that can operate faster and more consistently than any human. You may not recognize them, but the robots are here.Businesses are faced with the very real possibility that solutions costing thousands of dollars will be obsolete in five years. Or, you can sit back and let the experts figure it all out first, before you commit to something like a washing machine that's smarter than you are.

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