The Role of an Immigration Attorney

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Role of an Immigration Attorney


The right immigration lawyer can help you with any type of question or situation you may have regarding immigration status.

When people hear the term immigration lawyer they immediately think that this lawyer only deals with situations where people are looking for legal representation to help them gain permanent residency in the United States. While this is certainly one of the roles an immigration lawyer can play for you, they very often handle many other types of cases that involve immigration issues. An immigration attorney is going to act as a strong advocate for you and help guide you through many facets of the immigration process. The role of an immigration attorney can include things such as:

  • Deportation Hearings – There are many immigrants that, for one reason or another, may be facing deportation from the country. This can be a harrowing ordeal for you to go through when it involves yourself or a member of your family. You may not know just what your rights are, what the law allows or what to do. A lawyer that is experienced in this type of work is going to know what protections are available to you and can help represent you throughout the hearing process so that your case can be heard and defended.
  • Appeals – in many cases that involve immigration, first petitions and claims may be denied by the government or federal authorities. Many people may simply take this defeat and resign themselves to their fate; however, there is an appeals process that is part of the system that you can use to get your case heard. Having the right lawyer on your side to help you can make a big difference to you. They can take a look at the reasons as to why your petition was denied and work with you so you understand the ruling and know what your options for your next steps can be. The right lawyer can very often can your denial overturned in your favor.
  • Release on Bond – In certain situations you or a family member may find that you have been detained by authorities. You may not know what your rights are or how you can get released from detention and what needs to be done to move forward. In cases like this you will want an immigration bond lawyer Houston has available to you. Your lawyer can work to secure your release and then help you with your case so that all of the facts and information can be heard.
The right immigration lawyer can help you with any type of question or situation you may have regarding immigration status. When you are in need of a Houston immigration attorney you want to be sure that you contact Khemka & Choudhary Houston law so you can be sure you get the best help possible. You can arrange a consultation with the law firm so that you can discuss the issues you are facing right now with immigration. They are experienced in immigration law and understand all of the recent changes and how it can all affect you so you can be sure to get the help you require.

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