The Carbon Footprint Of The Digital Age

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Carbon Footprint Of The Digital Age


This infographic demonstrates how every digital transaction we make—sending emails, Tweeting, texting and even searching the web all produce carbon dioxide, which adds to global warming.

When we think of things that are affecting our environment, we tend to think of car fumes or factories etc. But did you know that sending a Tweet or an email is also causing damage to the planet?

In this infographic Fuel Fighter show just how much damage is being done by the digital world by breaking down the amount of CO2 that is produced every time we tweet, email, watch TV, download music and even when we purchase something online. For example, the amount of C02 released by people watching football’s European Championships is the equivalent of 13 trucks of gasoline and searches for the term “Star Wars” equate to the same amount of C02 as burning 50 barrels of oil.

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On a more positive note, it is clear that many of the big tech companies behind this are doing their best to make sure they are carbon neutral. Google has been carbon neutral since 2007 and its data centres use 50% less energy than typical data centres. Not to be outdone, Facebook continues to focus on sustainable operations and invests in the Open Compute Project, which has brought together more than 150 organisation to develop more efficient data centre technologies. This infographic also shows how much better for the environment shopping online is than shopping in-store and how much better it is to stream media over buying physical copies.

The infographic will also show you what huge companies like Google and Amazon are doing to counteract the amount of CO2 that they produce.

So take a look, it might make you think twice about retweeting that funny cat video!

Carbon Footprint of the Digital Age by Fuel Fighter.

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