New Innovations in 2016 Computer Technology

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Innovations in 2016 Computer Technology


With Pokemon Go taking over nearly everyone's social feeds in the last week, 2016 will probably be looked back as a watershed moment for augmented reality technology. The year so far has also featured the rise of some other very important technology. Here are a few examples.

One thing that is certainly progressing at lightning fast speed is computer technology. New tech is constantly being released. As we saw with smartphones some years ago, new computer technology can fundamentally change the way people live. Below are some of the newest innovations in computer technology introduced in 2016 that are certain to make big waves soon.

A Digital Monitor of Alzheimer’s

As many people know, Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that can cause elderly patients to lose their memory, personality and basic brain functions. However, thanks to a new application for computer tech, a cure may not be far off. This year, scientists have begun implementing artificial intelligence computer programs when analyzing MRI brain scans. The AI has the ability to detect which patients have early signs of Alzheimer’s with a remarkable degree of accuracy. This will allow doctors to begin treating those at risk for the disease much earlier than would have been the case without this technology.

Printed Circuit Boards

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Another piece of computer technology that has been garnering a lot of attention in 2016 is printed circuit boards, or PCBs. PCBs are created by adding copper tracks to glass fabricated plastic. The copper tracks act as a replacement for wiring from which components can be attached after holes are drilled into the board. PCBs are expected to be manufactured to be thinner and more compact with each passing year. With technology from companies like Streamline Circuits, printed circuit boards are making the inner workings of computers more versatile as time goes by.

Virtual Reality Could Solve Real Life Problems

Perhaps the technology making the biggest splash in 2016 is virtual reality. After years of VR only being the thing of science fiction, the tech is finally here. However, what you may not know is that VR may have some great applications for solving practical problems. Researchers at New York University in fact believe that the immersive simulations and collaborative learning that virtual reality can make possible could be applied towards tackling drug abuse and predicting climate change.

Wireless Charging

Most people today use computers in the form of smartphones and tablets. However, the days of traditional chargers for these devices may be soon over. New computer tech will soon be released that will allow these devices to be charged wirelessly. In fact, placing two smartphones using this new tech next to each other will allow them to share power and recharge each other.New technological developments are being introduced at a blinding pace. As new gadgets and computer tech make their way into our homes, they are certain to change our lives in unforeseen ways for the better.

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