New Developments in Network Security Technology

Monday, July 18, 2016

New Developments in Network Security Technology

Cyber Security

The face of computing changes daily. As technology, use, and users change, so do the challenges of network security. Attackers regularly change their method of attack.

It takes a combination of protective technology and training to ensure your network security and that you don't experience a data breach like one of the 781 in 2015. The median cost of a data breach today sits at $3.5 million, plus immeasurable cost to your reputation. Three developments in particular can be used to optimize the security of your company: mobile officing, cloud services, and employee security training.

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Mobile Officing

Years ago, everyone accessed your servers from within your office walls using computers you set up and shored up against attack. Now, you must contend with employees accessing your servers with a bevy of devices including iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows phones, tablets, laptops, and home PCs. Your number of potential threats exploded while your budget likely stagnated. Not only must you secure cross-platform employee access across an ever-expanding network perimeter, you also need to secure against devices over which you have no control—those of the consumers. The consumerization movement will bring a flock of new viewers to your websites and forums.

Cloud Services

Another explosion in technology has occurred in the areas of cloud services and software as a service. Access to these services can avoid traditional inspection points. Continually redefine your policy controls for cloud and web applications with special respect to user availability and read-only access, as well as to block the possibility of password duplication.

Security Training

One way to cut off many security issues at their source is help your employees themselves learn about security awareness at work through training. Both easy to deploy and reasonable in cost, security training can make a real difference in your company's security. For instance, a recent study analyzed the results of 8 million phishing simulations during a 13-month period. Most participating organizations (75 percent of them), trained more than 1,000 employees. Pre-training data showed the average response rate to phishing emails at 20 percent. After three simulation exercises, the study found the employee click-thru rate fell to 13 percent, a fourth exercise dropped it to 4 percent and a fifth brought it to 0.2 percent. Visit a company like Global Learning Systems to learn more about security training.

It's easier than you think to make computing more secure. Especially in today’s world with constant developments to implement into your business. Staying on top of modern security techniques and training your employees to be smart in defending against digital threats can help keep your company’s data protected.

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