How Self-Driving Cars Are About to Change Everything

Sunday, July 24, 2016

How Self-Driving Cars Are About to Change Everything

Self Driving Cars

Still not convinced self-driving cars are a technological game changer? Consider these points that show the impacts not only on driving, but on how automobile ownership will be transformed.

The question is when, not if, self-driving cars are going to become a reality on the world’s roads. Several US states have enacted laws that allow companies to test autonomous vehicles on public roadways, and both the US and the UK have drafted legislation help guide automakers as technology evolves. Let's take a look at the impact that these cars will have for drivers in the future. Is it really safe to let robots do the driving?
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Robot Drivers Will Reduce Impaired Driving

When a person is tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that driver is a danger to himself as well as to others on the road. Decreased awareness of his surroundings as well as decreased reaction time could lead to a serious accident. However, robots will never get tired nor will they be impaired while operating a vehicle, which means the odds of an accident are reduced. Though current autopilot systems require the driver to remain alert at all times and keep their hands on the wheel, the rapid rate of technological evolution means that this could soon be a remnant of the past. Self-driving robot cars could one day ferry sleeping masses across countries effortlessly, efficiently, and safely.

Robots Can Get You Where You Need to at Any Time

In a world where robots operate vehicles, you could start your long trip to grandma's house or to your vacation home whenever you want. You could even travel overnight while everyone sleeps in the car. Imagine taking a nap in your RV as it drives you across the country to your next vacation. When you wake up, you are at your destination ready to start relaxing. And. since you can get work done on your commute to the office, you may be able to leave later and get those last few minutes of sleep each morning.

Robot Drivers Mean You May Not Need to Own a Car

Robot operated vehicles don't need to sit in a parking lot when not in use because they don’t need a driver to be useful. They can fulfill the transportation needs of many people at a given time. This means that families may decide to only use one car or that entire communities may use a few cars to meet public transportation needs. Over time, an automated public fleet may make individual car ownership obsolete. Some tech visionaries are imagining a world where whole cities have a dedicated fleet of robotic vehicles—like taxis—that can ferry people to where they need to go. A system like this will eliminate the need for unsightly parking garages and, with fewer vehicles on the road, reduce congestion as well.

Tesla Autopilot System

We're Moving Toward Autonomous Driving Already

The future of autonomous driving is already starting to become a reality—piece by piece. Lane departure warning systems, cars that can parallel park themselves and new cruise control systems that can detect emergencies and brake on their own are only a few ways that drivers are starting to see the benefits of automated systems. Tesla Motor’s advanced Autopilot system can keep the car in its lane around bends in the road, change lanes when it’s safe, and even control the throttle and brakes to keep a safe distance from the other cars on the road.

Self-driving cars are the wave of the future. In as little as a decade from now, we may have access to afford autonomous vehicles, which will likely make roads safer and make getting around easier than ever.

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