Changing the Way we See: How Technology Is Improving Our Eyewear

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Changing the Way we See: How Technology Is Improving Our Eyewear


Advancements made in eyewear, are changing the way we look and see. Here are a few exceptional examples of lenses and eyewear advancement.

Medical advancement through technology is starting to have an effect on the lives of just about everyone. Often when wonderful advancements are written about, the improvements for the eyes are not mentioned as much as they should be. Here is a list of various advancement in eyewear.

Anti-Reflective Lenses and Their Coatings

Anti-reflective lenses have been a remarkable advancement in the quest to improve eyewear. Their purpose is to allow more light in to improve vision by reducing halos around lights, reflections and reduce glare. These new lenses also have cosmetic benefits because if there is no reflection, then the lenses do not even appear to be there. Companies like Identity Optical have been making great strides in improving eyewear, especially in this field. It has developed a variety of AR coatings for the lenses, and each coating has different traits and advantages.

Thin-Tech Lenses

Advancements in thin-tech lenses are more geared towards the cosmetic improvements of eyewear. They tend to improve people's appearance because of the thinner lens. This is especially useful in strong prescriptions. They are also lighter on the wearer's face, and magnification of the eyes is reduced.
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Implantable Advanced Technology Lenses

These breakthrough lenses are a prime example of advanced eyewear technology because they become part of the patient. Multifocal implantable lenses will be used in the fight against cataracts, and there are also implantable lenses for fixing astigmatism. Being able to drive, read clearly and other activities such as working at a computer can be done without glasses now.

Polarized Sunglasses

Everyone from skiers and golfers to boaters and joggers are probably going to be thrilled with this advancement. Polarized sunglasses do what sunglasses are supposed to do, but they are the highly enhanced version, and they improve visual clarity, filter glare and enhance contrast.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are another example of how improving and developing lenses seem to be the main focus for eyewear improvement, and they are certainly special. When transition lenses are exposed to UV light, the lenses will change from light to dark. For example, in order to fully offer UV protection, the transition lenses will turn dark quite quickly in the presence of bright light.

These are just a small handful of examples of the great strides made in eyewear. It truly is remarkable to read about the advancements made in this area, and where the future may head. The exceptional examples of lenses are just the beginning of a new wave of eyewear advancement yet to come.

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