Six Examples of Technology Updates That Have Benefited the Health Industry

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Six Examples of Technology Updates That Have Benefited the Health Industry


People are living longer, fuller lives thanks to advanced medical technology. Here are a few key examples.

Today, frequent advances in technology have greatly assisted the health care industry. People are living longer, fuller lives due to these advances in med tech. Both patients and their care providers benefit from these developments in various ways, just consider these six recent milestones

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

A growing number of medical facilities utilize sophisticated magnetic resonance imaging technologies to help visualize internal structures more clearly. Unlike traditional imaging systems, an MRI reveals soft tissues clearly.

Air Powered Stirrers

Laboratory technicians working in medical facilities today appreciate technology updates that include the development of air powered stirrers. These overhead mixing devices permit the rapid stirring of volatile and flammable compounds without risking ignition sparks that may injure lab personnel or destroy valuable equipment. Maintaining proper use of laboratory air stirrers can be little tricky so making sure everyone involved is trained on how to use these devices. Places like Arrow Engineering are specially equipped to help labs get the right equipment to help maintain these machines. Many innovative models of this highly specialized equipment appeal to biotechnology companies, enabling research into the development of some exciting new health care products.

Advanced Prosthetic Devices

During former eras, amputees lived for years depending upon unsightly, largely immobile wooden prosthetic devices. Recent technological advances now permit the creation of an impressive variety of prosthetic limbs that provide responsive movement at the wearer's direction. The science of manufacturing prosthetics has advanced at a very rapid pace thanks to computer technology, enabling many people to resume active daily lifestyles following traumatic injury.

Six Examples of Technology Updates That Have Benefited the Health Industry

Real Time Fitness Monitors

Another important recent technology update in the health care field involves the development of mobile fitness monitors capable of tracking a wearer's heart rate, pulse and breathing in real time. This technology greatly assists athletes training to improve physical condition prior to sporting event. The rapid feedback also assists numerous health care patients.

Pharmacy Software Technology

Finally, another stunning technology update relates to the development of sophisticated software pharmacy programs. This software assists hospital pharmacies and physicians in reducing medication errors and conflicts.

Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgeries

Increasingly, technological advances have helped create more opportunities for endoscopic procedures. Surgeons may rely on catheters inserted through blood vessels to perform some therapeutic operations. For instance, in recent years surgeons have developed ways to perform "keyhole" procedures using specialized instruments to correct a number of heart and lung problems. These techniques typically leave patients with much smaller incisions, promoting faster post-operative recovery rates and enhanced patient comfort levels.

Additional breakthroughs will likely occur during the next decade as a result of rapid technological change. Patients around the world will benefit from the pace of technology updates!

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