High-Tech Eyes: The Most Technologically Advanced Glasses Money Can Buy

Monday, May 30, 2016

High-Tech Eyes: The Most Technologically Advanced Glasses Money Can Buy


Your glasses could be the next big technological battleground. From augmented reality to full-fledged virtual reality, many developments are underway to transform eyewear for the future.

While back in the day eyeglasses were merely worn for the sole purpose of improving one's eyesight that is no longer the case. Today's eyewear, along with giving people a much clearer look at their surroundings, also serves many other functions. Researchers seem to be turning out one advance after another when it comes to glasses, some that sound like something out of a science-fiction story.

"Seeing" Cancer

One of the most exciting and interesting advances in this area involves eyeglasses that let doctors actually see cancer cells during surgery. This technology, developed at the Washington University School of Medicine, makes cancer cells turn blue and gives doctors a greater chance of removing more during surgery. If this technology becomes a standard part of cancer surgery, it's possible that fewer and fewer cancerous cells will be left behind, enabling countless lives to be saved.

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Instant Sunglasses

When the sun is shining brightly on a warm summer day, you know how uncomfortable it is to have it in your eyes. However, with technology currently being developed by researchers in Belgium, almost any pair of glasses will be able to become sunglasses. Utilizing a curved LCD display that can be installed in the glasses, having the sun get in your eyes will no longer be an option. As this technology become available everywhere from All About Eyes stores to suppliers in your local area, the need to have a separate pair of sunglasses will become less and less likely.

Augmented reality

No Need for a Smartphone

While in today's world, almost everyone relies on a smartphone to let them surf the internet, keep track of their appointments, and countless other tasks, the day is soon coming where many of the smartphone's tasks can be integrated into a pair of eyeglasses. Checking social networks, making hands-free phone calls, text messaging, and much more will be able to be accomplished with these high-tech glasses.

Virtual Reality

For those who love to play video games, researchers are about to take this option to a whole new level. Rather than needing a separate game system, people will only need to wear their eyeglasses to experience game playing at its finest. With these glasses, players will feel as if they are actually part of the game, making the experience even more realistic.

While some of these technological advances sound almost impossible, the fact is, they are not only being integrated into eyeglasses, but are expected to become commonplace in the years ahead. By doing so, it's clear the future is now.

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