Tech Stocks You Can't Afford To Ignore

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tech Stocks You Can't Afford To Ignore


Technology stocks continue to be the most interesting to watch, and the best opportunities for big returns on the stock market. Here are some of our picks based on fundamentals and sentiment for the coming year.

The tech arena is where some of the most dynamic and well-known companies in the world operate. It’s also a popular target for some of the most successful investors there are. If you’re looking for a new market to invest in, then you could certainly do a lot worse! Here are a handful of stocks which are expected to be big winners over the coming year.

Tech Stocks You Can't Afford To Ignore
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First of all, Apple. If you’ve never heard of this corporate giant, I can only assume you’ve been living in a cave! Apple is expected to slow down a lot in terms of growth, and stock prices are currently low thanks to this forecast. However, the company has already shown signs to the contrary. If these continue, then anyone holding Apple stocks will have a big reward waiting for them. The smartphone industry has levelled out a lot over the past few years, and no company is above these changing trends. At the start of the year, Apple’s market share in this niche grew notably. Continued gains are expected to bump up a lot of sales growth as the year goes on. I highly recommend looking into buying Apple stocks, and keeping up-to-date with Apple stock news.

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Alphabet is another big company in the tech arena. Alphabet (formerly traded as Google) is an online advertising giant with a truly formidable market share. The estimates vary, but most analysts agree Alphabet owns at least 50% of the online advertising market. The company reported $18.7 billion in revenue just in the third quarter of 2015. This shows a brilliant 13% increase from the year before. 

Despite these impressive figures, stock prices are lower than you’d expect for such a large company. Online advertising is already a mammoth of an industry, and isn’t going to disappear overnight. Alphabet also dominates its market, and we’re expecting to see even more growth in the coming months. Jump on this stock while there’s still time!

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Finally, Priceline. This is a fairly large corporation providing online travel services. Priceline deals in hotel bookings, car rentals, flights and so on through online and device apps. Priceline has a major advantage for growth right off the bat. Many of their listings are based in Europe, which is a major tourism spot for people all over the world. However, the euro and other currencies used in the continent have shown some steady depreciation against the dollar. Following the Paris attacks, the risk of international terrorism has harmed Europe’s tourism trade. This will show up in the performance of Priceline and other travel companies. Priceline’s stock price might not be a pretty sight now. However, there’s still a lot of potential for a boom in the years ahead, when the travel industry picks up again.

Apple Watch

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There you have three of the best tech stocks to invest in right now. Technology is always evolving, and affected by all kinds of external factors. However, with a careful approach, you can make an absolute killing. If you can’t invest in these stocks, look into other tech ventures. One good idea can make several people rich!

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