Key Skills That Will Make You Instantly Hirable In 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Key Skills That Will Make You Instantly Hirable In 2016


Believe it or not but there there are definitely skills that are going to increase your job hunting chances this year. Here are a few of the key skills that can push you forward into an exciting new career. 

There are always skills and traits that are going to make you stand out and be more attractive to employers. This might change depending on what job you’re applying for. For instance, if you’re applying to be an air steward, it would probably be beneficial to know a second language or even a third. If you’re working with children, you should show you have experience doing this, perhaps in your spare the time. But there are certain skills that are going to make you instantly hireable this year. We’re going to look at these skills and show why they’ve become so important.
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Social Media Awareness

If you’re applying for jobs this year, it’s crucial that you know how social media works. Not just in your personal life but how it can be used to the benefit of business. This might be to share content, interact with customers or create a positive business. It’s true in almost every job that you can think of. Even government officials now have Twitter feeds and Facebook profiles. Being tech savvy is going to play a big part in winning the job that you want. You need to know about the dangers online as well. For instance, when you apply for a job your digital footprint will be found and viewed. You need to make sure that there is nothing inappropriate or embarrassing.

App Development

Similarly, you should know about app development. It might even be beneficial to learn how to create an app. This isn’t just about earning a job. It could be the start of a solo career. Many people have gone on to make small fortunes, simply by developing an app and selling it on. While developing an app does require some tech knowledge, it’s not as complex as many believe. In fact, you can go to Simplilearn to learn more about it. There you’ll find everything that you need to know about how to set up an app and the skills that will help.

Key Skills That Will Make You Instantly Hirable In 2016

Customer Service

As an employee you’ve got to understand that the way you act and the service you offer creates an image of your business. If you want to be hirable you have to make sure that you know how to create the right image. This is all about having skills in customer service. You need to make sure that customers trust you and that they feel as though they can count on your support. It’s crucial that as an employee, you can offer everything that they need. Of course part of this is to do with how you present yourself.

Understanding SEO

Finally, there’s a buzzword that you’ll hear at some point on every university course right now. That’s SEO. SEO is simply the way to ensure that websites are found online. You might think this is of little importance for many businesses. But don’t forget these days every company and organization has a website. If they want to gain attention from online users they have to be able to work with SEO. That means you need to be aware of it and how it works. Even if you’re not the one in charge of making sure the site is found.

Having any of these skills will make you more desirable to employers searching for new recruits.

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