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Monday, January 4, 2016

Smart House How to Break your Home into Today's Technology

Smart House Tech

Want to bring your house into the twenty-first century? Here are a few quick tricks to update your home and make it smarter.

“Smart” technology is something that is transforming the world. Before smart phones, most people had to surf the Internet inside their own homes. Today, most people connect to websites on their phone from any place they wish. What may surprise you is that smart tech can also transform your own home. Below are some tips you can use to make your own smart house.

1. Update Your Security System

One of the things that can be improved by modern technology is the security system of a home. For example, many security cameras can now automatically send security footage to the cloud via a Wi-Fi connection. What this means is that a person can view the footage remotely from a laptop computer or a smartphone. This can allow the homeowner to keep an eye on things even when away from home.

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2. Take Advantage of Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables are an amazing advancement of technology. They allow digital information to be transferred through plastic or glass wires at a speed much faster than previous technologies. It can be used to transfer nearly any kind of digital information including phone calls, internet, television signals and more. If you want the ability to transfer digital information over long distances on your property at intense speed without signal loss consider investing in some fiber optic cables from a company like

3. Add Video to Your Door Bell

While it was once the thing of science fiction, you can now obtain video of the person pressing your door bell. Systems that allow this are now available. Whenever a person at you front door presses the doorbell, a video link is established that can be fed to a monitor. This way, you know who is at the door. Think of it like caller ID for your front door. The system can allow you to chat with the person through the camera feed if you wish. If you aren’t home, you can review the video later to see who visited while you were gone.

Add Video to Your Door Bell

4. Purchase a Steam Powered Dryer

Traditional dryers dry your clothing slowly by using a tumbler that draws out the moisture from clothes. However, a more high tech dryer that uses steam power is now available. Not only can it dry clothes quicker, it can also do so with far less wrinkles and smells that a traditional dryer can.

Technology has progressed a lot in recent years. Home features that once were only seen on the Jetsons are now available to any homeowner who wants to invest a little money and a little time to create a smart home.

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