4 People with Super Human Vision

Thursday, February 12, 2015

4 People with Super Human Vision

History is full of examples of people with exceptional vision, from artists to athletes like the ones featured here. Soon, with vision augmenting technology and medical advances, super human vision may be accessible to everyone.

People with super human vision have ruled the worlds of sports and art for as long as anyone can recall. History is intertwined with accounts of legendary athletes and artists alike who amazed people of their day with exceptional vision. Today, super human vision has become an accessible trait. An experienced eye doctor can zap your eyes in an instant, and give you eyesight once relegated to the most superior athletes and artists. Here are four individuals with super human vision, courtesy of The Eyewear Place.

Jean Pucelle

A long, long time ago, an artist named Jean Pucelle made a fortune off of his incredible vision. His attention to the smallest artistic detail made him one of the world’s best miniaturists. When it came to miniature paintings and illuminated manuscripts with exquisitely fine details, Pucelle dominated the art market of the early 1300s. His vision was so superb, no artists could compete with his level of detail until the early 1400s, and even then Pucelle was still considered to be the master of fine detail.

Manuscript by Jean Pucelle circa 1372
Manuscript by Jean Pucelle circa 1372

Willard Wigan

Willard Wigan

Skipping ahead from the 1300s to the present day, Willard Wigan is an artist whose detailed sculptural work is so tiny it’s best viewed with a magnifying glass. Much of his work cannot be seen with the human eye alone.

Surpassing the fine details of Medieval craftsmen, Wigan’s work leaves audiences in awe if his super human vision, and ability to control material at such a microscopic level. He creates sculptures on the heads of pins, and inside the eyes of needles. These are not abstract pieces. They are most often highly rendered figurative pieces.

Willard Wigan Star Wars
Some familiar characters created in the eye of the needle created by Willard Wigan

Larry Bird

Larry Bird blind pass

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From the world of art to the world of sports, Larry Bird is perhaps the most gifted sharpshooter to ever play the game of basketball. His three-point shots are legendary, and so are his seemingly blind passes. With an eagle eye, he could see the whole court and act instantly. Bird’s lightning fast passes made it absolutely clear he was gifted with super human vision. Bird’s superior eyesight made him a legend in the sport. He is a prime example of the powerful athletic potential facilitated by extraordinary vision.

Isabella Beverley

London banker Isabella Beverley was one of the first humans to ever receive the actual scientific label of “super vision”. Beverley received the title after becoming one of the world’s first patients to undergo laser eye surgery. Results stunned the media, doctors, and Beverley as well. It was hard to believe. Reports from London stated her eyesight was better than 20/20 following a successful surgery. 

Today, any eye patient seeking to gain Beverley’s stunning level of “super vision” can find tons of readily available surgeries in their area performed by experienced doctors. Welcome to the future.

Vision is key for navigating the world, and clarity is key for navigating it well. The benefits are super human vision are impossible to weigh, but we can be certain the rewards can become legendary.

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